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Divorce Case in Las Vegas

Divorces can be very traumatic and sad, especially if children are involved. That’s why you need an expert to guide you through the process and counsel you through the emotional impact of your case. I am a Las Vegas Family Attorney. I have been handling divorce cases in Nevada since 1985 and know family law inside and out. There are a lot of things you need to do prior to filing to optimize good results. That’s why you need to hire me.

Nevada is a “no fault divorce” state. The only “ground” for divorce you need to allege is “incompatibility”. Incompatibility reduced to its simplest terms simply means that you do not want to be married anymore. It means your likes and dislikes have become so widely divergent that you can no longer live together as husband and wife.
The first step I take for you is called a complaint for divorce. The complaint must be signed by you and you must swear that the allegations are true. In order to file a divorce in Nevada you must be able to truthfully state that you have been a resident of the State of Nevada for at least 6 weeks prior to filing the complaint.

After filing, the complaint may state the cause for divorce in words. This is not absolutely necessary but sometimes a listing of the reasons for dissolving the marriage can be important to one or both parties. Any notation of particulars can be withdrawn at a later date.

In any suit for divorce the court may require either party to provide temporary maintenance for the other partner as well as temporary support for children. You may also be liable to cover the costs so your former partner can carry on the divorce proceedings. These decisions will be made by a judge based on your and your partner’s economic standing. If you have shared property, the court can put a restraining order on your ability to make any decisions regarding that property until the divorce case is complete. The distribution of property can get complex. You want to make sure your rights are protected and I highly advise you to consult me to make sure you get all the property and support you are entitled to.

Divorce Case in Las Vegas

You can ask that your divorce trial be private. Many people choose this option and there are often good reasons to do so. Some people may be allowed into the courtroom during private trials. Depending on the reasons for your divorce, we can also ask that certain people be excluded from the proceedings if you think someone might be a problem. If you desire, we can not only have a private hearing but also seal your final papers from public view. We can discuss all of these options and more when you visit the office.

The court can grant divorce for either party, so long as grounds for divorce appear sound. Only admissible facts will benefit your case. When your divorce is awarded, and signed by the Judge, it is a final decree. This is a very important fact to remember because if alimony or child support are involved, or pension or other retirement vehicles, or even veterans’ benefits, you want to make sure you are properly compensated.

It is always unfortunate when two people cannot work out their differences. If divorce is the choice you make, make sure your next choice is getting the proper counsel to protect you. Please call me now a 702-383-0090. I will aggressively protect your rights and get the case resolved in your favor.
Douglas C. Crawford, Esq.

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