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Las Vegas Child Support

If you live in southern Nevada, from Mesquite to the various municipalities around Las Vegas, and need help getting proper Child Support for one or more of your children, you need the best legal advice you can find. 

Douglas Crawford Law has more than 30 years of experience as a family law attorney in Las Vegas can give you all the legal help you need.

If you take custody of any children after the end of your marriage, making sure you get financial support from your former partner is one of the most important requirements. The Nevada Revised Statutes ensure your children’s chance at a successful future. NRS 125B and NRS 425 cover all the initial circumstances of setting up Child Support, such as: jurisdiction, obligation of parents, physical custody, the initial order of support, and how we will determine the amount of payments fairly.

Over time, we may need to modify the amount of Child Support as the paying parent’s economic circumstances rise and fall. NRS 125B.055 or 125B.145 will give us the tools to make those changes. We can review the amount of support every three years.

The NRS can seem complex in the matter of Child Support. I can help to simplify them for you. If you have moved here from out of state that obligation is covered by another statute. If your children were born in Nevada and you move to another part of the state, any agreements made with your former spouse will be binding in all jurisdictions. If your child is handicapped, NRS 125B.110 can help us extend support for as long as the child needs the help.

As a parent, you have a duty to provide for your child. The NRS stipulates the many financial responsibilities: maintenance, healthcare, education, the mother’s pregnancy and confinement, even poor relatives for children born out of wedlock. If neither parent retains custody of a child, parents still may bear the obligation of support to a third person or public agency. 

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If we need to, we can establish parentage through DNA. A parent cannot refuse support of a child. If your former spouse refuses payment, there are many legal ways we can get Child Support. If you find yourself in a situation of a lien against property to ensure payment, that is covered in NRS 125B.144. If the parent with custody of the child or children is receiving or has received public assistance that may also affect the amount of support you are required to pay. 

I will make sure you pay what is fair and receive what is fair. The NRS have percentages for Child Support based upon gross monthly income. Besides protecting your rights, the NRS and Nevada Department of Health and Human Services will help to ensure that the child gets enough assistance to have a healthy life. My office can also help to set up a Nevada Child Support Debit Card, which may make making and receiving payments easier than passing checks between parties. 

It is always unfortunate when relations do not work out between parents, but ultimately it is the child who should be the highest concern. I will make sure you and your child get what you deserve. I can also answer any questions you have.

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