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Cyberbullying in Nevada

In the digital age, electronic crimes are being taken more and more seriously, especially those involving cyberbullying. The Nevada Revised Statutes provide a detailed definition of this crime:
NRS 200.900 Penalties; definitions.
1. A minor shall not knowingly and willfully use an electronic communication device to trasmit or distribute, or otherwise knowingly and willfully transmit or distribute, an image of bullying committed against a minor to another person with the intent to encourage, further or promote bullying and to cause harm to the minor.

Violation of this statute can involve increasing penalties. For the first violation, it will be determined if the child is in need of supevision, based upon language in title 5 of the NRS. Secondary and subsequent violations may involve detention for the minor as if the minor committed an act that would be considered a misdemeanor by an adult.

Cyberbullying in Las Vegas

To determine whether or not an individual is guilty of bullying a minor, the court will consider: questioning the person accused, viewing the image used, considering the opinion of a witness to the image as regards the person’s age, testimony from a medical expert, any other method authorized by the rules of evidence.

Obviously these are serious charges. Bullying is a willful act, whether written, verbal, or physical, which exposes a person one time or repeatedly over time to one or more negative actions that are highly offensive to that person. Bullying can be defined as an action intended to cause a person to suffer harm or emotional distress, potentially poses a threat of immediate harm or actually inflicts harm to another person or that person’s property, places a person in reasonable fear of harm or serious emotional distress, or creates an environment which is hostile to a pupil by interfering with his or her education.

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