A common occurrence in life and not just television, conspiracy is a serious crime, clearly defined by the Nevada Revised Statutes:
NRS 199.480 Penalties.

1. Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, whenever two or more persons conspire to commit murder, robbery, sexual assault, kidnapping in the first or second degree, arson in the first or second degree, involuntary servitude in violation of NRS 200.463 or 200.464, a violation of any provision of NRS 200.465, trafficking in persons in violation of NRS 200.467 or 200.468, sex trafficking in violation of NRS 201.300 or a violation of NRS 205.463, each person is guilty of a category B felony.

Everyone needs to realize these crimes carry varying penalties based upon their circumstances. Robbery, sexual assault, kidnapping, arson, involuntary servitude and sex trafficking will get you 1 to six years in the state prison. Much more serious crimes like murder carry heavier penalties and depending upon your level of involvement will get you between 2 to 10 years.

Conspiracies also cover lesser known crimes, such as falsely and maliciously procuring another to be arrested or proceeded against for a crime; falsely instituting or maintaining an action or proceeding against someone; cheating or defrauding another out of property by unlawful or fraudulent methods; preventing someone from exercising any lawful occupation by force, threats, or intimidation or by interfering or threatening to interfere with tools, implements, or property belonging to be used in work by that person or persons; to commit any act injurious to public health, public morals, trade or commerce or for the perversion or corruption of public justice or the due administration of the law; or finally to accomplish any criminal or unlawful purpose or to accomplish a purpose not in itself criminal or unlawful by criminal or unlawful means. In each of these situations everyone involved in the conspiracy is guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

Conspiracy is a serious charge that can cost you years of your life if convicted. You need someone on your side who can get the best results for you. I am an expert in these kinds of criminal matters. Please call me now at 702-383-0090!
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