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Learn About Domestic Partnership in Nevada

Domestic partnership

When you’re looking for an attorney you need to choose someone right for you. I’m a Las Vegas Family Lawyer. I’m an expert in these matters, an aggressive litigator who will work tirelessly to give you the best representation you can get. Before you even come in and meet me, you may find some answers to your questions below so we can focus on your immediate concerns.

While growing rarer because of the legalization of same sex marriage, there may still be reasons for you to consider a domestic partnership over marriage. I can help you with any questions in this regard. You must enter into a domestic partnership of your own free will. You must share a residence, not be married to anyone else or in another domestic partnership, not be related by blood in any way that would not allow you to marry, be at least 18 years old, and be competent to understand what your choice to enter into a domestic partnership means. You do not need a ceremony.
Just like marriage, domestic partners have rights, very similar to spouses. If your partner dies, you are treated like a widow or widower. The same is true of your responsibilities to your children. You have the right not to be discriminated against. You share community property as well as responsibilities for debts to third parties. If the partnership dissolves, you have the right to seek financial support from your former partner. Regarding healthcare, the law can get complex as to the rights of your partner, so you should seek counsel to advise you on that issue.

Domestic Partnership in Las Vegas

If you come to the decision that you wish to terminate your partnership, you must file with the office of the Secretary of State, pay a fee, and meet some criteria. If your partnership has been registered less than 5 years, given birth to or adopted no minor children, if no partner is pregnant, contains no community or joint property, and the partners waive rights to support, you may qualify for simplified termination proceedings that will dissolve your partnership quickly. I can easily tell you if you’ll qualify for that opportunity, which will make a difficult process easier.

If you’ve moved to Nevada and have a domestic partnership from another jurisdiction, you must register in Nevada for it to be recognized. Whether or not it is called by the name of domestic partnership, whatever the legal union between two people gets named, the state of Nevada must give it validity. If you have questions about this or any other issue, I can help you.
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