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Crime in Nevada

While it may seem obvious from television and media, the definition of a crime is not always as simple as you might think. There are levels to crimes, and the Nevada Revised Statutes offer detailed definitions of what constitutes a specific criminal activity: NRS 193.120  Classification of crimes.

1.  A crime is an act or omission forbidden by law and punishable upon conviction by death, imprisonment, fine or other penal discipline. For Nevada legal purposes, a crime is an act or omission forbidden by law and punishable by a judge or jury upon conviction by death, imprisonment, fine, or some other form of disciplines, such as being sent to jail or prison. Nevada deals with convicts at different levels:

Every single crime which can lead to a punishment by death or imprisonment in the state prison system will be considered a felony. Every individual crime punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000 or by imprisonment in a Nevada county jail for not more than 6 months is considered a misdemeanor.

What is a crime in Nevada
Any crime not covered by the levels of punishment above will be considered a gross misdemeanor. If you are curious about getting more information about these levels, my page has detailed descriptions of them.

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