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Weapon Charges

Weapons Charges in Las Vegas

If you or anyone you know are facing Weapons Charges of any kind and you live in southern Nevada—whether you live in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City or Mesquite—you need access to the best legal representation you can get as soon as possible.

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The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) cover all facets of Weapons Charge violations. Whatever the nature of your crime, the NRS will be the basis of our defense. It’s important to note that Weapons Charges mean all weapons, not just firearms, though those are the weapons most commonly used during crimes. Nearly always, crimes committed with the assistance of a weapon will face additional penalties, in both fines and time served, if any.

NRS 193.165 covers the additional penalty for the usage of a deadly weapon or additional agent, like tear gas, during the commission of a crime. The additional penalty added to the other crime or crime involved could range as much as 1 to 20 years. The court will take into consideration your criminal history (if any), the impact of the crime and weapon on any other individuals involved (possibly including Homicide, if someone was killed, whether intentionally or not), and the circumstances of the crime in question. We will be able to put mitigating factors before the court, again looking at the specific situation of the crime, which is why you should reach out for my expert legal help as soon as you can.

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NRS 202 also covers potential Crimes Against Public Health and Safety. If you’re facing Weapons Charges from NRS 202.265, you must reach out to me for help. Even if you have a Concealed Carry Permit, unless you have specific written authority from a particular campus or child care facility, it is unlawful for you to carry a weapon with you. As mentioned above, Weapons Charges cover not only firearms but also potentially harmful things such as nunchucks, knives, explosive devices of any kind, pneumatic guns, as well as devices that could mark someone with paint. You may not even have realized that what you had on your person was a violation of the law until someone called you on it. If that’s the case we must begin your defense as soon as possible because your future could be on the line.

Weapons Charges are nothing to take lightly. Added penalties might mean more time in a state penal facility than you should spend, especially if the charges you’re facing were through no fault of your own. Even if they were, we may be able to bring the time behind bars you’re facing down considerably by arguing factors that will make you look more favorable before a judge and/or jury. Do the best thing you can to ensure your rights are protected. Douglas Crawford Law is here to help.

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What happens if you get caught with a gun in Vegas?

What are the penalties for having a firearm in Nevada? In Nevada, category B felony charges are leveled at felons, which come with one to six years in prison and fines ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.


Does the weapon used affect sentencing?

A gun or other weapon being carried at the time of another crime may result in serious ramifications. In certain circumstances, a weapon enhancement can double the length of a sentence.

What are the Las Vegas gun laws?

It is legal to openly carry a rifle, pistol, or any other legal firearm in Las Vegas, Nevada, as long as you have not previously been convicted of a crime or otherwise disqualified. In Nevada, you can conceal a handgun with a permit.


What is a weapon charge?

A weapons charge is a group of charges that involve weapons. The majority of state laws are divided into two categories of weapon charges: possession and usage. Even though no one was harmed, threatened, or even witnessed the weapon, a defendant might be charged and convicted for possessing an illicit arm.


Do I have to register my gun in Las Vegas?

No, Nevada does not require the registration of guns. In addition, a handgun purchase does not need a permit in Nevada. Purchases will be required to go through a licensed federal firearms dealer with a background check beginning on February 2, 2020.

Can you get a gun with a misdemeanor in Nevada?

Even if the offense is a minor one, you will lose your right to own or use a gun if you plead guilty or are convicted. In 2017, Nevada’s domestic violation gun prohibition laws changed.

What is a weapon enhancement charge?

For committing an underlying crime, a weapons improvement fee is added to an offense charge. Following that, the usage of a weapon will be considered an aggravation, which implies any penalty for the assault will be increased as a result of its use. The penalties are severe in nature.


What are enhancement charges?

An addition to a criminal charge is referred to as an extra punishment. When particular circumstances exist in the facts of a criminal case, additional penalties, or enhancements, may be imposed.


What weapons are illegal in Nevada?

In Nevada, it is legal to carry a firearm in plain sight. However, many weapons, such as knives and nunchucks, are banned in the state. Knives are permitted for public transportation in Nevada with certain restrictions; however, most knives are illegal.


Do you need to register your gun in Nevada?

Nevada residents are permitted to own weapons, and there is no state-mandated gun registration under Nevada law. Furthermore, a permit is not required in Nevada to openly carry a firearm.