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“At Douglas Crawford Law we take the well-being of your children seriously.  And Personally!  There is no greater reward in the practice of law than assuring that an innocent, defenseless child is placed in the right home and will live a secure and happy life.  It is worth more than all the money in the world.  Your children are depending on you and you can depend on me!  Call now at 702-383-0090 for help with your child custody case.”   – Douglas C. Crawford, Esq.


Note from a Client

Just giving you an update.

We have mediation finally on January 7th then the final hearing can be scheduled.  We’ve had a Guadian Ad lLtem for Gio and her report is definitely going to be for Gio to be with us primarily.  Joma has put him through so much and it’s just crazy how this system works but it’s definitely looking better for Gio.  Just takes time.

We like seeing your Facebook posts of you enjoying life.  It’s obvious that your in a good place in life and we’re happy for you.

You and Debbie will always have a place in my wife and I’s lives.  We’re so grateful that we’re in this position with Gio.  Although it has been crazy and will make a great book one day Gio still wouldn’t have this opportunity if it wasn’t for you.  You pulled off the impossible with the first trial and it was amazing to watch.  I wish I had you in Gio’s corning in Florida because it wouldn’t have went this long but we have come to understand that God has a plan and we just have to have faith in him.

Gio is a resilient little boy and although he has issues he has been able to be put in a situation where he has us and he has turned into an amazing little boy.

I understood that you have to represent people that don’t deserve a good outcome and that has to be tough but always remember the people that you have affected positively.  My son is one of those people.

He has the opportunity to become something great and you had a big hand in that.  Your always in our prayers Doug.