Violent Crimes and Homicide

Violent Crimes and Homicide

Violent Crimes and Homicide in Las Vegas

Violent crimes and homicide

If you or anyone you know has been charged with a Violent Crime and Homicide and you live in southern Nevada—whether you live in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City or Mesquite—you need access to the best legal representation you can get as soon as possible.

You need a Violent Crimes Attorney in Las Vegas.
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The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) cover all Violent Crimes and will be the baseline of our defense. Violent Crimes under the NRS include Murder, Manslaughter, and Vehicular Manslaughter. Homicide, NRS 200, is the umbrella term for killing another human being. The potential sentences and charges you may face will depend upon the charges brought against you.

One of the more common charges is Murder, NRS 200.010, which is the planned killing of another human being, meaning homicide with intent to murder before the killing, premeditated. Murder charges may also be brought if the murderer was using a controlled substance. Murder charges can be in the first or second degree. Murder in the first degree is the most serious charge and can carry penalties as high as life in prison or death. Both Murder in the first and second degree are category A felonies, the highest punishment. Both degrees of Murder may be aggravated by certain circumstances, such as Murder in a prison or jail or if the Murder happened during the commission of another crime. But just as aggravating factors may make the penalties worse, there may be mitigating factors that will allow us to argue for lessening of punishment. You need to reach out to me as soon as possible so we can begin your defense. With Murder charges, your life may literally be on the line.

Las Vegas Violent Crimes and Homicide

Manslaughter, NRS 200.040, differs from Murder in that Manslaughter is killing someone without premeditation. Manslaughter is most often a crime in the heat of passion. It’s possible we could try your case as Voluntary Manslaughter, NRS 200.050, which means an injury was inflicted upon you by the individual you killed. This is not the same as Self-Defense. Another possible option for us is Involuntary Manslaughter, NRS 200.070, depending upon the larger nature of your crime. Involuntary Manslaughter is most often an unintended killing committed during the commission of another crime. If convicted, all of these crimes carry felony punishments, but bringing the charges down to Involuntary Manslaughter may save you time behind bars.

Vehicular Manslaughter, NRS 484B.657, is a different charge than regular Manslaughter and carries different penalties. If you’re in control of any vehicle and you cause the death of someone through negligence, we may be able to argue you are guilty of Vehicular Manslaughter and you will be charged with a misdemeanor. If the violation occurs in a work zone, pedestrian zone, or school zone, you may well face additional charges, most often double penalties. Accidents do happen, but even though a misdemeanor may not seem like much of a penalty, you still must understand that the charge will remain on your record permanently.

Homicide charges are extremely serious. Taking a life, whether with intent or accidentally, will have major repercussions on your life and the life of your family. You must reach out to me as soon as possible so we can ensure that your rights are protected to the highest extent of the law and we make sure the punishment, if any, fits the crime.

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