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If you believe the television ads, insurance companies are lining up to pay your claim with a smiling face. Balderdash! The job of the insurance adjuster is to resolve the claim in favor of the company and pay you absolute bottom dollar. The job of a good personal injury attorney is to make the insurance company understand that if they do not pay you a reasonable settlement, they risk paying a substantial jury verdict. That is exactly what I do.

You may hear the TV personal injury lawyers tell you they will fight to “keep you out of court” and settle your case. In my opinion, that is the exact wrong approach. It is my goal to convince the insurance adjuster that if they do not pay you reasonable compensation for your injuries and future medical expenses, I will hammer them in court! That is how you earn the respect of these companies and get maximum settlement value for your personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Lawyers who are afraid to go to court do not obtain the best results for their clients. I live in the courtroom. I love litigation. That is why the insurance companies settle my cases for fair value. That is why I have been successfully representing people like you for decades here in Nevada. If you or someone you know has been injured or even lost their life by the negligent actions of others, give me a call. My office number is (702) 383-0090. Look forward to hearing from you!