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Such a beautiful Victory. 3 years ago I started my Journey to make our move to California with my Ohana. I knew it would be almost impossible knowing Nevada is a 50/50 state for custody. Thought it would be impossible !!
Went through Countless family court battles, had a lot a phony allegations thrown at me, some folks even thought I was aiming to high. It’s sometimes hard for a Single father to obtain full custody and even harder to try to relocate the child to another state. So I prayed, and prayed.
My dear friend Douglas Crawford approached me with his strategy and explained to me it wouldn’t be easy but he assured me “If that’s what I want , that’s what we’ll get”. I was very skeptical and nervous.
Because of his Professional and Talented staff we navigated through his plan and completed wat I thought was the impossible. Today we sat at our Final court date and I listened to the Judge announce that I was clear to relocate with our son Mana !!!
I have to thank Mr Crawford’s firm , Attorney Gary Segal office Manager Debbie and entire staff..!!
Also wanna thank all of our close Family & Friends ( you know who you are) for all the SUPPORT, PRAYERS, TALKS, ADVICE ETC… Gotta thank my Beautiful Wife Alissa Salvador for being the glue to this process. Most of all the Lord above for keeping us together, putting all the right steps together. We are blessed to have everyone who helped in this process, All our Alohas ❤️
Mahalo Ke Akua🙏🏽