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Mr. Crawford took my case on very short notice, was faced with an incredible challenge, and was still able to give me better representation than I ever thought possible.

My case had been mishandled and unnecessarily dragged through the courts for almost five years. With only a month left until trial and little to no preparation, my attorney at the time had advised me that I would be better off with someone else representing me.

Mr. Crawford came highly recommended and was brave enough to take on my case. Because of my past experiences and the complexity of my case, I was not confident that I would be able to trust anyone to represent me. However, Mr. Crawford was able to renew my faith. During my first visit to his office, he and his team made me feel like I had made the right choice and things were going to get better. It became crystal clear that he is extremely good at what he does, is very knowledgeable, genuinely cares for his clients, and is not in the business of wasting anyone’s time or money.

Going into trial, Mr. Crawford had all the odds stacked against him. He had no time to prepare, no previous evidence was submitted to help him prove the case, and he was still able to pull it off. He doesn’t mess around in court, is a bulldog when required, is quick on the fly, and doesn’t miss a beat. I truly believe, that without his representation, my case would have ended badly and the judge would not have seen everything for what it was.

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