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Going through a divorce was one of the most difficult times in my life. I do not wish it upon anyone! I remember visiting with and calling several attorneys when the time had come for me to stop being the only one who was fighting to try to make my marriage work. I remember calling Doug on a Sunday night at around 9 pm, and he answered his phone! He scheduled me to come meet him in person 2 days later, and helped me with the confusing process of filing for a divorce. He knew exactly what to say, and was very knowledgeable and professional during the divorce process. Doug and his staff took time with me to explain each step, and were all so very patient while I was sobbing in their office for each of my appointments. The divorce was finalized extremely fast and at a very reasonable price. There is no amount of money or compensation that would have been enough to make going through a divorce worth it or any easier, but Doug helped create a divorce decree that would at least not leave me homeless and begging on the street while I got my life back together. I definitely give a HUGE THANK YOU to Doug and his team at Douglas Crawford Law for helping me with the process of going through my divorce and finalizing my divorce so very quickly. And I want to thank Brian and Debbie as well! I highly recommend Douglas Crawford with no reservations, and truly believe that Doug and his team will get the job done when anyone is in need of an attorney! You will not be disappointed!