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Wow! Going through a divorce is never easy: as a process itself or as a psychological challenge. Now, I know how important is to have representation and also to have the BEST representation. I was recommended Mr. Douglas Crawford law firm and I highly recommend it to you too.
Since I started collaborationg with Douglas Crawford, I was given highly professional advices that were tailored to my case. Everyone from the team took their time to learn my case. That has proven sooo important when we went to trial. And OMG 2 days in court in a divorce trial (?!) I can’t believe it! and I received 100% input every minute from everyone. Mr. Douglas Crawford is not only sharp and attentive to detail but passionate to produce the best results for the client. Moreover, he has common sense and knows to back off at the right time. Great strategist!
The trial itself was very overwhelming and Mr. Crawford was dedicated and calculated for the whole 2 days; I received the same great service from minute 1 to the last minute.
Additional, Ms Amy Porray and Mr Gary Segal were excellent team players. They collaborated perfectly and produced a seamless documentation and evidence log. To my surprise, I found order in the chaos from my head.
I read more reviews than I write, but I am also a believer that what’s good it must be shared. Mr. Crawford Law firm will do their best for you to be happy with the outcome.