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Attorney Douglas Crawford is the very best family law trial attorney I’ve ever witnessed in the courtroom! After years of retaining various wishy-washy attorneys, in addition to representing myself at times, Douglas Crawford took over my high-conflict family law cases, which includes ongoing custody/visitation and child issues. During my initial meeting with Douglas Crawford I was overwhelmed with all kinds of unresolved problems, but he took his time to calm me down and understand the history and outstanding issues in an unhurried, professional manner. He attentively listened to all of my concerns and gave me honest, objective advice on how to proceed… while not just telling me what I wanted to hear! Attorney Douglas Crawford can be described as very competent, knowledgable, responsive, no-nonsense, and direct man. Although I figured his persistent and assertive style would help me, I did not realize just how much his representation would make such a difference until I witnessed him in action. His confidence in the courtroom is undeniable… and exactly what I needed! Don’t go it alone thinking you will save money… and don’t retain a mediocre attorney who will not aggressively fight for everything you deserve! If not for Douglas Crawford I would merely have a judgment and orders on paper that continued to not be followed. I had a confident, competent and aggressive attorney in my corner, both in and out of the courtroom, to deal with unpleasant situations as they arise. I highly recommend retaining Douglas Crawford for any family law issues. My only regret is that I did not find him sooner! Thank you for what you and your team did for me.