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Termination of Parental Rights in Las Vegas

Termination of Parental Rights Case

The termination of Parental Rights under Nevada law, the state tries to preserve and strengthen family life in order to improve the lives of its citizens, especially children, who are the future. As bad as divorce can be between individuals and for society at large, there are times when it becomes necessary to pull the rights away from a parent. In that extreme situation, you need to make sure you and your child are properly protected.

I am a Las Vegas Family Lawyer, and I am an expert in these matters and you should come to me for counsel.

Severing the parent/child relationship requires a judge. To reach this decision, the judge must weigh the needs of a child’s physical, mental, and emotional growth and development. The judge must find that severing the relationship would be in the best interests of the child, not an easy thing to decide in any circumstance. We live in a complex world that is not always safe and just because someone is a parent does not mean they should be allowed access to their child, especially if they have been involved in sexual or physical abuse against the child or any other children.

Nevada Termination of Parental Rights

Evidence must be presented in order to sever the parent/child legal bond. These include abandoning the other parent without good cause, one or both parents abandoning the child, failure to protect your child from mental, physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse, and failure to provide subsistence needs such as education, medical care, food and shelter. Parents can show that they have changed their ways within a certain period of time, but failing to prove these behavioral changes can get your child taken away from you if it is in the best interests of the child and the state.
The status of neglected child has multiple definitions and consequences. If your child qualifies for this status or if you are the parent accused of neglecting your child you should seek out my counsel immediately to make sure your rights and the rights of your child are best protected. Every parent should want the best for their children and if they are not receiving that you need to make changes in their lives, difficult as that might be.

Depending upon your conduct, the court may find you an unfit parent. If you have so neglected your child that you earn this designation you may face serious legal consequences, including the severing of your parent/child relationship. You will be called to a hearing where the evidence will be considered. The damage of a judgment like that can last a lifetime. There are paths in the statutes that can help you. I highly recommend you obtain my counsel if you are in this situation.

If you do not believe you are the father of a child about to be born, there are protections for you under the statutes. Similarly, if you are the mother-to-be and want to ensure proper support for the life you’re carrying without making someone the legal father, we can discuss that option, as well.

If your parental rights have been taken away you have rights and there are paths to restore those rights. Ultimately, what we are trying to do is make sure your child gets what he or she needs to live a productive life. Unfortunately, sometimes that means a parent has to be cut out of the child’s life. I can help you with these decisions. Call me now at 702-383-0090. DOUGLAS C. CRAWFORD, ESQ.

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