Summerlin Criminal Defense Lawyer

Summerlin Criminal Defense Lawyer

Summerlin Criminal Defense Lawyer

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If you find yourself experiencing legal troubles in Summerlin, Nevada, time is of the essence. You need to make strides to enlist the services of an experienced Summerlin Criminal Defense Lawyer immediately. After you’ve gotten arrested for committing a criminal act, things will escalate pretty quickly as you are taken for processing. In this situation, you will have little to no control over what happens next. However, regardless of what the police say or promise, don’t provide any information without having your attorney present.

Apart from giving out your name and requesting to call your lawyer, you are under no legal mandate to provide information to the police whether you are guilty or innocent of the supposed crime. You have way more to lose in this scenario; just keep your mouth shut before your lawyer arrives. Remember that your freedom is on the line, you can’t afford to gamble with your life. If you’re experiencing legal troubles and need support and guidance in your case, having a professional Summerlin Criminal Defense Lawyer can play to your advantage.

Drug Crime Defense

It’s no secret the U.S. has a drug problem. And with southern Nevada being a party center, drugs are pretty much prevalent. Because of this, most people get swept up in the hype, which can see them on the wrong side of the law. Nevada drug laws can get especially tricky, given how marijuana has been legalized at the state. However, you should note that not everything marijuana-related is permissible. The Nevada Revised Statutes offers a legal framework for that intricate maze of laws to keep you out of trouble.

Drug laws range from Schedule 1, which are the most dangerous, to Schedule 5, which are the least harmful. Depending on the drug type and nature of the offense, penalties can fall between a felony to a misdemeanor. If you are found to be in possession of a controlled substance or have been charged with drug manufacturing or drug distribution, you’ll require an experienced criminal defense lawyer considering how stringent drug crimes laws in Nevada are. You need the services of Douglas Crawford Law no matter the level of your drug involvement.


DUI Defense

If you have been charged with DUI, then you need the best legal representation you can get.  DUI’s can carry heavy penalties depending on your blood alcohol level, and the amount of DUI’s you have received in the past.  Douglas Crawford Law has extensive experience with DUI defense laws and will aggressively pursue your defense.  Call an experienced criminal defense attorney today if you have been charged with a DUI in Nevada. 


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