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Learn About the Rights of husband and wife in a Marriage

Rights of husband and Wife in a Marriage

When you enter into a marriage, both husband and wife accrue certain rights and obligations. If you have questions about what some of those rights or duties might be, you’ve come to the right person. I’ve been doing this for more than 30 years. I’m an Nevada Family Lawyer.
Some rights are obvious, like those of property. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement or a specific marriage contract, your property becomes community after the marriage, unless you or your spouse sign away rights in a specific contract. That means everything you acquire during your marriage is shared unless it was acquired through gift, inheritance or personal injury settlement. You are not responsible for debts your spouse may have had before the marriage, which also means your share of community property is not at risk if those debts exist. You may enter into contracts without your spouse’s consent, though you may not alter your legal relations without filing for divorce or separation.

Spouses are legally required to provide for the other spouse. If someone assists a spouse who is not provided for, they may legally pursue the other spouse to recover reasonable value of that assistance. An abandoned spouse is not liable to support an abandoning spouse unless misconduct justified the abandonment. A wife must also legally support a husband if he, because of injury, is not able to support himself. All of these instances may be covered by community property law. You also have rights during lawsuits for personal injury. The statutes can be complex in this area and it’s best to seek legal counsel if you are in this situation.

Rights of a Married Couple

The state of Nevada recognizes separate property owned by husbands and wives before marriage. Spouses may make inventories of such property to make things clearer between them, if necessary. Children of marriages have rights to keep their own money and property if given, and if spouses separate any income to children will go to the one with custody. Again, these issues can get very complicated and I strongly suggest you seek out my counsel for them.

If you and your spouse share a business your rights are protected by the state unless you signed specific language in your business contract. Spouses also potentially have claims on insurance or retirement or other payouts. Community property in survivorship situations can be complex and is best discussed with an attorney. Spouses separating have rights to federal minimum maintenance needs, which become more complicated if children are involved. Marriage contracts and settlements can be even more complicated, especially if involving minors, who may make their own contracts.
We live, unfortunately, in a world where half the marriages do not stand the test of time. Even if your marriage is strong, it is best to know your rights and have someone to stand beside and fight for you. That is who I am. I am here to serve your legal needs every day. If you have questions or want to refer someone to me, please call now at 702-383-0090.

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