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Professional Misconduct

Professional Misconduct Lawyer in Las Vegas

If you live in southern Nevada—Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or Mesquite—and you or anyone you know has been charged with or involved in a case of Professional Misconduct, you need to reach out for legal assistance as soon as possible.

You need a criminal attorney
Douglas Crawford Law has over 30 years of experience in this kind of matter.

Nevada AB397 specifically relates to Misconduct in government. In a similar vein, the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) offer us several strategies to file on your behalf or to pursue your defense. Whatever the particular aspects of your case may be, by focusing on the proper NRS statute we can craft a defense to get you the best outcome for your offense. In our #metoo moment misconduct often means sexual harassment or something of the like. This situation is unfortunately very common, and depending upon the nature of the offense and complaint, there are many strategies we can use to limit the damage to your career and reputation.

In recent years sexual misconduct between teachers and students has been on the rise. Many of us remember the well-publicized case of John Stalmach and Bambi Dewey who had intercourse with a student. Theirs is a bit more egregious than the norm, but by no means the only example. If you are a student being harassed by a teacher, you should reach out to me as soon as possible so we can make sure your school is a safe space for you, especially if you are a minor. Even if you are a college or university student in the Nevada System of Higher Education, such as at UNLV or CSN, if you are in a situation where you feel a teacher is guilty of Professional Misconduct, reach out to me for help.

Las Vegas Professional Misconduct Lawyer

If you are a teacher who has been wrongly accused, I can help you, too. We live in an age of mistruths. If you’re innocent but are facing charges, reach out to me. The state of Nevada takes a harsh stance on false accusations, NRS 207.280: a conviction could lead to 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. 

If you’re a professional in any other area, such as an attorney, doctor, or the casino business, and you’re facing Professional Misconduct charges, the sooner you reach out to me the better. Some cases of Professional Misconduct may fall under other statutes, such as Harassment or Fraud or Conspiracy. If a professional colleague of yours has done something illegal or unethical and you have been wrongly swept up in a legal proceeding, I can help to clear your name. I can help prepare you for any boards you must go in front of to defend yourself and your record, including the Nevada Bar Association. It is not an exaggeration to say that your future is on the line.

We live in an era that, in many ways, is progressive and forward-looking. In the past women and children often had to tolerate things that we would never accept today. If you feel you’ve been wronged and have a case of Professional Misconduct, you should take advantage of my 30+ years of experience in this field and do the best thing you can to protect yourself.

Hire me. I can be reached at (702) 383-0090.

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For more information on how https://douglascrawfordlaw.com can help you with Professional Misconduct, please contact us.

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Nevada Professional Misconduct Attorney

What is considered conflict of interest under Nevada rules of professional conduct?

There is a high danger that the lawyer’s duties to one or more clients, a former client or a third party, as well as the lawyer’s own personal interests, will substantially impede his or her representation of another client.

Which Nevada Rule of Professional Conduct pertains to communication?

A communication is regarded as false or misleading if it contains a material untruth or omission, regardless of the significance of the omitted information.


Which Nevada Rule of Professional Conduct refers to fees?

No attorney shall make a contract, charge an excessive fee, or take any other action with the intention of generating revenue.


What is the federal criminal governing an employee responsibility to be honest during official misconduct investigations?

OPR and OIG investigations, in turn, are expected to be allowed. All department employees must cooperate with OPR and OIG investigations and should answer honestly when asked during an investigation if their replies will not be used to incriminate them in a criminal case.

Can a corporation represent itself in court in Nevada?

Anyone has the right to appear in federal court without an attorney and with or without a representative. For corporations and partnerships, an attorney is necessary. A pro se litigant cannot bring a class action lawsuit on behalf Of a large number of people.

What if any procedures do Nevada lawyers have to follow to advertise?

Rule 7.2A of the Supreme Court says that a lawyer or law firm must forward copies or recordings of all advertising distributed in exchange for anything of value to the state bar; and written or recorded communications the attorney creates for the purpose of promoting legal services, according to Rule 7.2A of the Supreme Court.


What is misconduct for federal employees?

Conduct that interferes with the efficiency of an agency’s service or mission is considered misconduct. Misconduct incidents can have a detrimental impact on employee morale and performance, as well as impede an organization’s efforts to accomplish its goal.

How do I report a federal employee misconduct?

Employees and job applicants who believe they have been the victims of reprisal are entitled to file a written complaint with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel. Employees do not need the assistance of an attorney to file a complaint.

Are ethics violations illegal?

Almost all ethics bodies have the ability to look into complaints, but only 29 jurisdictions can bring criminal charges against unethical conduct. If a violation is both ethical and penal, the commission in some states has the authority to bring charges, but must pass cases on to the appropriate prosecutor if it is also a crime.

What are federal ethics rules?

Employees shall not make unauthorized commitments or promises intended to bind the government, and they shall not seek to profit from their public office. Employees are prohibited from seeking private gain while in office. Employees must act impartially and without prejudice toward any private organization or individual.