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The Best Way To Prepare For Divorce Cases

I have been handling divorce cases in Nevada for more than 30 years. In my opinion, going through the divorce process is a stressful as losing a loved one to death. That is why you need my professional guidance to steer you through the emotional and legal pitfalls. When you are emotionally hurting and facing the prospect of divorce you may not be able to make the best decisions for yourself. This is especially true when children are involved. When you retain me to represent you in a divorce case, we work closely together to make the best decisions for you, your future, and your family. I will be your Family lawyer Las Vegas, your confidant, and your emotional support team all in one!

If you have decided to file for divorce, my team and I can get better results if you prepare for the case prior to notifying your spouse of your exact intentions. It is important to gather all financial records, credit card records, deeds to real property, bank statements, retirement account information and credit card statements before your spouse learns of your intentions if possible. In my three decades of experience litigating these cases I have seen important evidence “disappear” before it can be used in your case. Even if your spouse has an idea of what is coming, you should retain me immediately to properly prepare you for the battle that may come. It could mean the difference between winning and losing!

Preparing for your divorce in Nevad

If you have been served with divorce papers it is critical that you see me as soon as possible. Many legal deadlines begin immediately on the day you are served. In order to best represent you, I need to take action very soon after you have been served. My team and I always file a countersuit for divorce if our client has been served prior to retaining us. This gives many tactical advantages.

The old adage “Look before you leap!” applies in divorce and child custody cases. If you are considering divorce call me now at (702) 383-0090 to discuss facts and procedure. I promise I can get you through this experience in a manner that will give you a good start on a new life! There is no need to keep living in an abusive or loveless marriage. Life is short. Live yours to the best of your ability now!

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