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Premarital Agreement in Las Vegas

Premarital Agreement

Everything begins with love—none of us would be here if two people hadn’t found some happiness. Yet love in story and love in reality can be very different.

If you’re considering a life-altering decision like marriage, a premarital agreement might be right for you. Prenups seem to be popular again: the millennial generation wants them in numbers attorneys haven’t seen in years. Maybe the kids are onto something. If you choose the prenup route, you’ll need help.

You need a Nevada Family Law Attorney. Douglas Crawford Law can help you!

I have more than 30 years of experience in this type of law. Premarital agreements are simply contracts set up between prospective spouses to go into effect upon marriage. They must be in writing and signed by both parties, and you must know the contents of the entire contract before signing—so if you haven’t read it or been allowed to read it, that’s an issue I can help you with whichever side of the contract you’re on.

Premarital Agreement Las Vegas

There are a lot of reasons why you might want a prenuptial agreement in Las Vegas, Nevada. Protecting personal property is one. A common misconception about prenups is that they cover everything—they don’t have to. You might have specific needs to be protected, like concerns from partners in a family business or other economic association—business partners will have valid worries about a divorce negatively impacting the company you worked so hard to bring to life. You may have responsibilities from a previous marriage, which could involve shared property with that ex-spouse or children from a prior marriage. Children are a vital source of joy in most people’s lives. You need to make sure your kids are taken care of. These legal and personal issues can get tricky. I’ll be your guide to get the best agreement we can.

There are many other things prenups can be concerned with: sale of property, modification of alimony, making sure wills or trusts are worded so your intentions are perfectly spelled out, who gets benefits from life insurance, among others. The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 123 A cover these issues and many others you may not be aware of. The law is ever-changing. I can help you move through the changes.

A prenuptial contract goes into effect as soon as you get married. Everyone wants to trend toward happiness. With luck all will go well between you and your spouse and you can amend or revoke your premarital agreement anytime with the approval of both parties.

If you have signed on to a prenup without the benefit of legal counsel, it is possible to get it voided if one of you can prove you were not properly informed. There are several ways to fight an unjust prenup and I know them. I have professional experience in this area and will fight for your rights as if they were my own.

Prenups can be very complex and have long-term consequences to your overall life and finances. You need an attorney.

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