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Las Vegas Property and Debt Division Lawyers

If you or anyone you know in southern Nevada—Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or Mesquite—are dissolving a marriage or a business partnership and need a property and debt division, you need the best legal representation you can get to help you move smoothly through the process.

You need a Family Attorney in Las Vegas NV. Douglas Crawford Law can help you!

The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 123 covers personal situations in detail. All property you or your spouse owned before marriage or that was acquired after the marriage is separate property, owned by that individual. Some people often do a simple prenuptial agreement to protect their personal property before marriage. After marriage, the State of Nevada views all property owned, acquired, awarded or by any other method acquired by married persons as community property. Community property remains linked so long as the marriage lasts. If you have retained possession of your personal property, however, even while married you can do with your personal property what you wish.

Nevada Property and debt division

Children can retain rights to their own property. The law can get complex here and you should consult me to make sure any property your child or children have remains protected. A minor child’s earnings can be listed as community property. They can also be awarded to a spouse who wins custody of the children. You need to reach out to me soonest to make sure that any financial account or property you’ve set up to benefit your children stays with them.

Spouses have many rights with community property. One spouse can grant the right to another to manage community property as they see fit. For the most part, both must agree to give away more than half the community property, buy any extra property, create security interests, or enter into any business agreements that will affect community property. If your spouse is not abiding by these guidelines, contact me and I can help you make sure your rights are protected.

Unless you and your spouse created a separate agreement, like a family trust, or will, upon the death of a spouse all community property becomes the possession of the surviving spouse.

Property and Debt Division

Outside of prenuptial agreements and divorce or separation, there are reasons why married spouses might want to divide income and resources. The NRS covers this situation. In my 30+ years of experience I have seen almost everything. It is hard to shock me. I can help you regardless of your situation.

Division of business assets is also covered in NRS 87. I can help you to divide business assets, do an economic valuation of community and/or business assets, and make sure your rights and the needs of your family are covered. This aspect of the law can get quite complicated. You want to make sure that the assets are divided fairly, especially if you had no prenuptial agreement or other means of ensuring a fair division upon dissolution of a marriage or a business.

I have over three decades worth of experience in this area.

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Who gets the house in a divorce in Nevada?

In Nevada, marital property is considered community property and must be divided (in most cases) equally. This can be a fairly straightforward process with less assets, but it may become more difficult with the marital home.


How is property split in a divorce?

The general rule is that assets should be split equally unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary. The assets acquired during the marriage from joint endeavor of both spouses qualify as marital property. In most divorces, the majority of assets are matrimonial in nature.


What happens to property owned before marriage in Nevada?

Before marriage, a single-family home was free and clear. After marriage, the name of one spouse is added to the title, making it community property. Nevada considers half of each spouse’s income to be community property regardless of when it was earned. When spouses maintain individual savings accounts, this becomes an issue.


How are assets split in a divorce in Nevada?

In Nevada, property acquired throughout the marriage is considered marital property, which is controlled by both spouses. When a marriage comes to an end, courts divide these possessions equally between the two parties.


Is a wife entitled to half of everything?

When a married couple divorces, their community property and obligations are divided equally. This implies that they will be fairly split. A different formula must be used to fairly distribute property, assets, and debt in a divorce.

What is considered marital property in Nevada?

The following factors are considered when determining how much spousal support should be paid: Wages or revenue generated by either spouse throughout the marriage; Property or assets acquired as a result of this money; and Community property.

What is separate property in Nevada?

What Is the Definition of Separate Property? According to most legal definitions, separate property is anything you owned prior to your marriage. In some cases, separate also includes property you obtained during your marriage, such as a gift from a family member or an inheritance.

What is a spouse entitled to in a divorce in Nevada?

In Nevada, all property acquired during marriage, including one’s house, both spouses’ earnings, and personal belongings, is considered “community property” and is shared equally by the spouses. The community property is shared equally in a divorce.


Does Nevada recognize sole and separate property?

Nevada’s community property laws do not include an inherent right of survivorship, which is uncommon. If one spouse dies, his or her undivided one-half interest in the community property is the sole separate property of the surviving spouse unless otherwise provided.


Will my wife get half my pension if we divorce?

In most cases, pension assets earned throughout the marriage are split exactly down the middle in terms of how much each spouse is entitled to. However, your spouse can only claim half of your pension since it was earned during the course of the marriage.