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Crawford is a founding member of the Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice and the 2001 recipient of the Louis Wiener pro bono award for representing victims of domestic violence in family law matters.

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My Firm is About Top Notch Client Service

What good is it to hire a Las Vegas, Nevada lawyer if you can never get ahold of them? The number one complaint by clients who hire us to replace their previous Nevada counsel is “He (or she) never returned my phone calls!” Failure to communicate with your client is just plain wrong. If you retain me for your Las Vegas Criminal, DUI, Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody or Personal Injury case, I guarantee you will be informed of any and all important developments in your Las Vegas case.

Whether by email or phone call, your communications merit a quick response. That is what I do. When you retain me you get big firm competence with small firm Las Vegas service. You deserve quick responses to your inquiries and all around good service. You will find me and my Las Vegas staff to be courteous, knowledgeable and responsive to any case, whether it be a Las Vegas DUI case to a Nevada Divorce case.

You want a Las Vegas lawyer that is good in both Family court, Civil Court, or Criminal Court I have an excellent reputation in Las Vegas, Nevada as an “alley fighter” litigator that aggressively fights for you in front of the Nevada judges. Las Vegas Lawyers who are not frequently in court, or who are afraid to go to trial in Las Vegas, simply cannot get you the justice you deserve. I talk the talk and I walk the walk. I back up my words with action in Las Vegas. I get results!

If you want an experienced Las Vegas, Nevada litigator on your side call me now at (702) 383-0090

Aggressive litigation in the courtroom is Douglas Crawford’s trademark style.

Douglas Crawford has over 30 years experience with thousands of cases getting favorable results for his clients.

Personal contact is the foundation for a good attorney client relationship. Douglas Crawford personally meets with all clients.

Head office is conveniently located in central Las Vegas. Office hours 8am-5pm, M-F. 24/7 contact available for emergency legal matters.

My Trusted Legal Services In Las Vegas, NV

Family Law

My goal in every Nevada family law case is to obtain successful results for the client. After all, you should not hire a lawyer to do anything less! I get successful results because I know Las Vegas family law inside and out.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Lawyer Las Vegas, Douglas Crawford, Esq. has been helping people charged with crimes for over twenty years! When your freedom is at stake you need the very best!

Personal Injury

When you are injured in an accident you have two choices: you can rely on an insurance company to provide you with a settlement or you can call a Personal Injury Lawyer in Nevada and take legal action.

Why I Became a Lawyer

In eighth grade I ran for class president on the campaign platform that I was going to be a lawyer some day! Early on I realized I was not a gifted athlete, not the coolest kid in the class, and not the valedictorian. But I knew one thing. I could persuade people. By using my voice, my intellect and my vocabulary, I could often get people to side with me on any issue. I did not really realize it at the time, but I was a natural born litigator!

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What My Clients Have To Say!

I contacted Mr. Crawford in August of 2015 in regards to child support and visitation. The case then turned into a custody case where I was seeking primary physical custody.

I initially consulted with/hired Mr. Crawford after he came highly recommended by two (2) other attorneys. One of them specifically said, “If I had to go through a divorce problem, no disrespect to my firm, but I would go to him first.”

Doug Crawford is the best attorney in Las Vegas. He took my case with very short notice. He took the time to get to know me and offered sound legal advice and direction.

Hired Mr. Crawford to handle my high conflct divorce. He has brought alot of peace to my life during a very difficult time. He knows the law and cares about me as his client.

I hired Mr. Douglas Crawford from the McKellar Law Office to handle my high conflict divorce. I hired him by phone from the great state of Texas after I needed to leave my home in Las Vegas.

Wow! Going through a divorce is never easy: as a process itself or as a psychological challenge. Now, I know how important is to have representation and also to have the BEST representation.

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