LGBTQ Divorce in Las Vegas

LGBTQ Divorce

I’m proud to live in a state that celebrates diversity and inclusiveness. Since 2014 Nevada has recognized same-sex unions as legal. Protecting and maintaining the civil rights of all our citizens is one of our proudest American achievements. The right to marry the person you love and wish to spend your life with should be available to everyone, everywhere. Yet just as in so-called traditional marriages, relations between partners do not always go as well as we might hope. If your marriage is ending, you need the best representation you can get to ensure your rights and possibly your family’s rights are protected.

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Even to this day, we have opponents to LGBTQ rights across the spectrum, including marriage equality. Fortunately, the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) provide protection for LGBTQ individuals and couples. Yet Divorce of same-sex couples can present unique challenges, including but not limited to: were you in a marriage or domestic partnership or cohabitation agreement; are children involved; adoptions; children from a previous traditional marriage; was there a prenuptial agreement; how will assets such as pensions or 401(k)s be divided; health benefits? All of these factors will affect how we pursue your case.

LGBTQ Divorce

Nevada recognizes same-sex marriages that took place in states other than Nevada, and our laws do not make distinctions about sexuality in divorce proceedings. Nevada also recognizes cohabitation agreements and domestic partnerships between same-sex couples. Generally, domestic partnerships carry most of the obligations as marriages, with some exceptions like tax benefits. Dissolving a domestic partnership is not called divorce but follows similar protocols.

If children are involved it is vital that you contact an attorney immediately. Divorce damages children even if the impact does not seem apparent at first, and a custody battle will only make the psychological effect of your separation more challenging for children. However difficult it may be, you must think of your children first. Most courts will order some form of family mediation, so I will likely counsel we pursue that avenue first. Avoiding litigation and proceeding civilly is the best option for everyone involved, even as hard as it might be depending upon what led to the decision to end the relationship. If all paths of working out differences have been exhausted, come and speak to me and we will make sure we do the best thing for you and your family.

All divorces are filled with unique situations. I have a lot of experience in this field, unfortunately, and there’s little I haven’t experienced as an attorney. You can count on my full discretion, regardless of what you are going through. If your divorce involves issues that are deeply personal and you wish to keep them away from the public eye, the NRS provide means to seal your agreement. No one needs to know your personal business except you and your former spouse if that is the route you choose.

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