Are You Considering Legal Separation in Las Vegas?

Legal Separation in Las Vegas can be a scary idea! In our complex and ever-changing world, our personal and business lives can go through challenging times. For example, if your marriage is in crisis you might be better off choosing a legal separation in Las Vegas before deciding on divorce.

There are many reasons you and your spouse might want to consider a legal separation in Las Vegas. Many marriages and domestic partnerships can be saved with some time and counseling. But there are many other factors to consider. The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) cover this vast range of options and responsibilities when and if couples decide to separate. You need help to navigate those options.

You need The Law.

Legal Separation in Las Vegas

Under a legal separation in Las Vegas your marriage continues. Sometimes a separation is a great option for couples before divorce because it gives you the opportunity to try to resolve your issues. If you reconcile, you do not have to get remarried. We simply file some paperwork and you return to your married state. Often a trial separation can be very beneficial to a couple because the court will set up an order and you will get to see what your rights and obligations will be if you divorce.

Sometimes this leads couples to decide they are better off working out their issues, especially if children are involved. The State of Nevada wants happy families and children. A separation might help get you back on that path.

Many issues have to be worked out before the separation can occur: property distribution, support obligations for children, if any, and custody of said children, plus personal issues. The NRS contains many provisions on spousal responsibilities. You might be surprised by some of them. You need to make sure your family is completely taken care of and your children are protected to the highest legal status we can give them. I can help you with this process. I am an expert in this type of law.

Often, couples may have other reasons for a Legal Separation in Las Vegas, especially in the realm of business. You might be considering the tax benefits of a legal separation, or something alone those lines. The NRS have provisions for these choices, too. The case for this kind of legal separation can be made from many points of view, and I have a lot of experience with those more complex business reasons and can help you through that, as well.

I’m not going to say I’ve seen it all, but I’ve heard a lot of stories over the desk in my office and in courtrooms here in Las Vegas. Whatever the reason you might be contemplating a legal separation in Las Vegas, trust me, I’m hard to surprise, but I invite you to try.

Whatever your reasons for contemplating or going through with a legal separation in Las Vegas, I can help. I am an expert and the legal counsel you need for the best advice for you, your family, or business. As complex as this type of law can be, this decision should be simple for you.

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