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Temporary Protective Order

Temporary Protective Orders in Nevada

If you live in southern Nevada—Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or Mesquite—and you or anyone you know needs help with Temporary Protective Orders in your personal or professional life, you need to reach out for legal assistance as soon as possible.

Douglas Crawford has decades of experience as a Defense Attorney. He can help you!

You may need a Temporary Protective Order for many reasons. The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) cover several areas of law from which we can mount your case: from Domestic Violence (NRS 33.017) to issues in the Workplace (33.280). The State of Nevada feels its citizens deserve protection from all forms of harassment in all spheres of their lives, most especially if that harassment is occurring at work.

Victims of Domestic Violence who seek to escape their situation have options available to them across southern Nevada. Domestic Violence is not only defined as harm or injury to yourself by another person: it can also be carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, threats, stalking, destruction of your property, even injury to your pets. If you are trying to flee such a situation, my office can help get you on the path to your new life, even if you have children. Unfortunately, many survivors of abuse stay in bad situations either hoping things will get better or because they feel they have no options of escaping their situation. You do have options, and one of them is a Temporary Protective Order. Depending upon the circumstances, we could turn that into an Extended Order for further protection. I have much experience in this realm of law and can help you to get the process of moving your life away from abuse and toward a peaceful future for yourself and your family.

Protective Orders Lawyer Las Vegas

The State of Nevada takes a very dim view of issues in the workplace, especially harassment. The NRS provide us with the baseline to help us build a case to protect you from problems at work. Harassment in the workplace can come from multiple areas, not only physical or body abuse but also damage to any property of yours or physical or mental threats that might make you fear for your personal safety and well-being. You may have been putting up with a bad situation for too long. If you’re being generous and don’t someone to lose their job even though they are creating a difficult situation at work, a Temporary Protective Order may be the way to go to protect you in the interim while you seek out solutions with your employer. If the situation is more grave than that, a Temporary Protective Order can still give you safety while your case proceeds.

In my more than 30 years’ experience with protective orders and harassment situations, I have seen most everything people can do to one another. I am very hard to surprise. That will work to your advantage as I use that experience to create the safest possible situation for you whether in your personal or professional life.

Hire me. I can be reached at (702) 383-0090.

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How long does a TPO last in Nevada?

The length of a TPO varies by state, but it is typically good for anywhere between 15 and 45 days. An extended protection order can last up to two years in California.


How does a TPO work in Nevada?

When one person files a claim alleging abuse and asks a court or commissioner to grant him or her a Temporary Restraining Order (TPO) against someone else, typically an abusive ex or family member, this is known as a Nevada TPO hearing. The duration of TPOs varies by state.


How many days is a temporary protection order effective?

Temporary Protection Orders (TPOs) is the name given to protection orders granted by a court after an ex parte evaluation that such orders should be issued. A court may grant any, some, or all of the remedies specified in this Act in a TPO and it will remain in effect for thirty days.

How do I fight a TPO in Nevada?

You are entitled to seek the dissolution of an Order for Protection Against Domestic Violence by filing an ex parte motion while you are under a TPO. You have the option of representing yourself or hiring an attorney to assist you in making this request. You can also ask for the terms of the protection order to be modified.


What is temporary protection order?

A TPO is a court-ordered protection order that is issued at the time of filing. This may be done without the offender being notified or attending the hearing. A request for a protection order filed with a court is deemed an application for both a TPO and a Permanent Protection Order (PPO) after it has been submitted.


What proof do you need for a restraining order in Nevada?

A domestic violence restraining order is a legal document that requires the defendant to refrain from engaging in threatening, abusive or violent conduct against you. The hearing will evaluate whether the abuser has engaged in acts of domestic violence (as defined by the law). You must also persuade a court that you require protection and the specific things you requested in your petition.

How do you get around a protective order?

It’s possible to ask the court to terminate or extend a restraining order. This is generally done by submitting a request, such as a Motion to Change Pretrial Jail Conditions or a Motion to Remove Restraining Order, with the court. The parties must usually be identified in this legal motion.

How long does a no contact order last in Nevada?

The court must render a decision within one judicial day of receiving your request. A temporary order may only be effective for up to 45 days, or until the end of your hearing for an extended order.


What is considered harassment in Nevada?

It is unlawful in Nevada to threaten someone with violence in order to make them afraid that the threat will be carried out. Anything else that poses a significant risk to another person’s physical or mental health.


What happens if the victim violates the order of protection in Nevada?

In Nevada, intentioned damaging a transitory assurance arrange against stalking, badgering, sexual attack, or child mishandle may be a net misdemeanor culpable by up to a year in imprison and fines.