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Military Divorce In Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are planning to end your marriage, and you are a military service member, it is important to secure the services of an experienced legal advocate. A family attorney in Las Vegas Douglas Crawford has spent more than three decades assisting individuals with divorce matters. When it comes to protecting your rights while dissolving your marital union, there really is no time to waste. Get in touch with Las Vegas military divorce attorney Douglas Crawford for a no-cost initial consultation by calling (702) 383-0090.

Key Facts About Military Divorces

Las Vegas military divorce can be especially complex matters, as can relate to custody issues. Given that military families are regularly dealing with moves to different duty stations, matters pertaining to visitation rights for non-custodial parents can and often do become quite thorny. Furthermore, military members receive benefits and pensions that can become the subject of serious contention when it comes time to agree to a division of marital property.

Though divorce is considered by the military to be a civilian concern, issues specific to servicemembers have a way of complicating the process of divorce, and housing is one of them. For instance, if a divorcing couple has been living on a military base, the spouse that is not a service member may need to find alternative housing very quickly, which can be a challenge. For couples in which both spouses are service members and minor children are involved, the military will demand that a parenting plan be instituted as well.

Military Divorce Lawyer Las Vegas

If you are in the service and have reached the conclusion that your marriage cannot be saved, and divorce is necessary, the assistance of a Las Vegas military divorce attorney can make all the difference in the outcome you ultimately reach. If you have minor children, it is also crucial that custodial concerns be resolved in a manner that serves the best interest of those youngsters. Lawyer Douglas Crawford possesses vast experience handling the unique intricacies of divorce cases involving military servicemembers and stands ready to provide the guidance you need during this most trying time. To schedule your free initial consultation, call (702) 383-0090.

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Military Divorce Attorney Las Vegas

What does a military spouse get in a divorce?

It’s a marital asset that is divisible at the time of divorce or legal separation, even if only for a year or two! If the spouses’ marriage lasted at least ten years and was overlapping military service, DFAS will pay the former spouse’s portion directly to him.


What happens when you divorce a military man?

If you do not fulfill the 20/20/20 rule, you will be able to keep your identification card and continue to receive commissary, exchange, and medical treatment benefits until your divorce is final if your marriage ends in divorce.


What is the 10 10 rule in military divorce?

In this situation, “10/10” refers to the length of time the marriage must last for the ex-spouse to be eligible for this benefit, and the service member must have served a minimum of 10 years in military.

Does a military spouse keep benefits after divorce?

There are no military perks after divorce for every other military spouse divorcee. Your benefits cease the day your divorce is finalized, regardless if you have children together or not. Even if you haven’t been married more than 20 years and even if you remarry, your child’s military benefits will continue as long as they live with their biological mother.

How do I protect my military pension in a divorce?

The law permits the division of “disposable retired pay,” which refers to military pension money after all applicable deductions have been made. Because VA disability compensation is not included in the military pension, a court cannot split it between divorcing spouses as it can other bank accounts and IRAs.

Does my ex wife get half my military retirement?

An ex-spouse may receive up to half of the military retirement pay (50% max). If the ex-spouse is currently receiving his or her pension, it will take three months for direct payments to begin (90 days) after the order is filed with DFAS.

How long do you have to be married to get half of his military retirement?

However, in order for the Department of Defense to make direct payments of a retired military member’s pay to his or her former spouse, the marriage must have lasted at least 10 years and included at least ten years worth of service creditable time.


What happens if a military spouse cheats?

The most severe punishment for adultery under the UCMJ is a dishonorable discharge, pay and allowances forfeiture, and confinement of up to a year. Jail time, degradation in rank, and deprivation of pay may all be imposed by a court-martial.


Can my wife take my military pension?

A lot depends on your unique circumstances. It is commonly held that an ex-spouse is entitled to half of your pension just because they are an ex-spouse. … If you were with your spouse for the majority of your military career, and if a pension sharing order was made, they may be eligible for a portion of your pension.


What does 1010 mean military?

The USFSPA allows eligible former spouses of military personnel to receive their court-ordered part of retired pay straight from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).