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First of all, stop beating yourself up. Everyone makes mistakes. All you can do from this point forward is to hire an aggressive, highly competent Las Vegas DUI Attorney to minimize the impact the case has on your life. That is where I come in! I have been representing citizens accused of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) for many years in the Las Vegas community. I know the law and I know the court system. That is what you need during this trying time.

There are two separate, independent and parallel cases with every DUI charge. The first is the criminal prosecution in which you are being charged with the crime of DUI. The second is the administrative case in which the DMV is seeking to revoke or suspend your driver’s license. Both are equally important and can have serious consequences in your life regarding your freedom, ability to drive freely and additional costs for insurance. When you hire me, I represent you in both matters for only one fee. You are not billed hourly (my hourly rate is currently $350) but rather one flat fee for both cases. The amount of your fee depends on the exact charge, whether there was an accident or not, whether someone was injured, and whether this is a first, second or third offense. My fees are reasonable and you will get a real fighter in your corner!  I have been a Las Vegas DUI Attorney for over 20 years!

In the criminal case, the prosecutor has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt each and every element of the DUI statute. In order to convict, they must show that; 1) you were driving or in actual physical control; 2) of a motor vehicle; 3) on a public highway or a place to which the public has access; 4) with a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater. You can also be charged with DUI for controlled substances like marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and prescription medication. It is my job, as your Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney, to cast reasonable doubt on one or more of these elements. I take this job seriously and battle for your rights to the bitter end! Often I am able to obtain successful results. You really need a lawyer who will be more aggressive than the prosecutor. That lawyer is me!

In the DMV license revocation proceedings, the DMV must prove the same elements. I fight to keep your license and to get a restricted license if necessary.

If you have any questions on a DUI case, please call now at (702) 383-0090