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Be A Good Co-parent

If you or any acquaintance of yours in southern Nevada—Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or Mesquite—needs assistance with How to Be a Good Co-Parent, you can do more than simply search the Internet. You can feel free to reach out for solid legal guidance.

You need the help of Douglas Crawford Law.

With over 30 years’ experience in family law in Las Vegas, and also a great Nevada Divorce Attorney. Douglas Crawford Law has the Co-Parenting answers you need. Co-parenting can be challenging, especially if you do not get along with your former partner. But you must Co-Parent to the best of your ability, for the most obvious reason: the future of your children. Child custody in Nevada can be challenging, especially with all the temptations of Nevada’s casino culture, but with luck setting a strong example for your kids will set them up for bright futures.

The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 125.210 are very clear on how divorce works in Nevada with a child. Whether you have full, joint, or partial custody of your child or children, you must be a solid Co-Parent for their entire lives. Your legal responsibilities can change over time, based upon your employment and economic circumstances. Those changes will affect your Co-Parenting and you should seek out a lawyer to help you alter support payments you owe or are owed as circumstances change.

The state of Nevada advises Co-Parents to take classes that may help you to learn how to manage your children once your marriage has ended. Clark County offers Parenting Classes online. The easiest way to access these resources is via the Internet, at websites such as: https://nevada.onlineparentingprograms.com/. Often called the COPE Class, this resource is approved by the courts and an excellent way to move you and your children forward in the new reality of your separated family. It’s often too easy to be angry at a former spouse and forget that your children are suffering and need your support and guidance at this critical time.

The transition to a two-household life will be difficult for them. The COPE Class will help you to bridge that gap, being a great parent to your child, and working with your former partner to ensure your child or children stay on the healthiest path.

Co Parenting in Las Vegas

It’s possible you were the victim or perpetrator of domestic violence. If so, the court may have ordered you into counseling. If alcohol, narcotics, gambling, or any other addiction was an issue in the dissolution of your marriage, understand that these problematic activities can also affect the health of your children.

The office of Douglas Crawford Law can help you get into counseling or other services to assist you in recovering from any addictive behaviors that may be holding you back in life. In some cases, your agreement with your ex-spouse may have had you bending over backwards to keep the peace. In 30 years of family law in southern Nevada, I have seen every situation you could imagine. If your former partner is engaged in activities that you feel threaten the safety of your children or goes against the legal agreements you have, you need to engage legal representation to protect your family.

Nothing is more important than your children. Being the best Co-Parent you can be, no matter the personal circumstances between you and your ex-spouse might make you the hero in your children’s eyes when they are old enough to understand all you did for them. Make the right decisions now so you can reap the benefits later.
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