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Las Vegas Grandparent Visitation Lawyers

If you or anyone you know in southern Nevada—Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or Primm or Mesquite—has grandchildren and needs help with Grandparent Visitation, making sure your rights to be part of their lives are protected, you need the best legal assistance you can get.

You need a Family Law Lawyer in Las Vegas. Douglas Crawford Law will help you!

The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) has an entire chapter, NRS 125C.050  dedicated specifically to the rights of grandparents. Just like parents, grandparents are essential to bringing up strong children, one of the state of Nevada’s goals for Silver State families. Provided that you meet certain basic requirements, we will petition the state to make sure you remain in the lives of your grandchildren.

Grandparent Visitation in Nevada

It may be the case that a parent or guardian is withholding visitation rights and keeping you away from your grandkids. Unless the court has upheld a ruling in the parent or guardian’s favor, this action is illegal under Nevada law. While the child is a minor, you have the right to make reasonable requests for time with him or her. We may have to present a case proving that time spent with your grandchildren is in their best interests, which in most cases is easily managed. I have experience with this type of law and I will work to help protect that right so you maintain your bond with your grandchildren.

Though not very common, if the parents of your grandchild are losing or relinquishing their rights to the child, you may want to ensure you retain the right to visitation. There is a timeline for this type of case and we will need to file on your behalf before the parents relinquish or terminate their rights. In cases like this time is of the essence. Do not wait. It’s possible your grandchild could be placed in the custody of a public agency or private agency and your relationship with your grandchild could be on the line. You need to reach out to me as soon as possible.

Grandparent Visitation in Las Vegas

Whatever your needs are, I can help you maintain the relationship with the young life that you are helping to raise. Whether the issue you face is divorce, separate maintenance, separation, death of a parent, loss of parental rights, or in a worst case scenario of a parent trying to manipulate the child in a type of grandparental alienation, even though the struggle to keep you in your grandchild’s life may take longer than you expect, I will fight to keep you in that child’s life.

I have over 30 years’ worth of experience in this type of law and have seen almost everything. I am hard to surprise. Your life, and the life of your grandchild, will be better with the two of you together. Connect with Us!

Hire me. I can be reached at (702) 383-0090.

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Do grandparents have rights to see their grandchildren in Nevada?

Yes, Nevada grandparents have the legal right to seek court-ordered contact with their grandkids at any time, including: After a divorce if the kid’s parents were married, or after 30 days of separation whether or not the child’s parents were married.


Can grandparents have rights to see their grandchildren?

Grandparents do not have any automatic access to their grandchildren under the law. As a result, parents can generally keep their children away from grandparents if they want to. This does not imply that grandparents have no alternatives.

Do grandparents have rights to?

Do Grandparents Have Legal Rights in Nevada? When it comes to family law, grandparents have legal rights in Nevada with regard to visitation and custody. These provisions are found in the Nevada Family Code chapters 3100 through 3105.

Can I keep my daughter from seeing her grandparents?

A parent has the legal right to refuse. A petition requesting a change or cancellation of a grandparent contact order will be required if a court order has been issued.


How can grandparents get custody of grandchild in Nevada?

In general, a grandparent who wishes to have full custody of his or her grandchild may file a petition with the court. The parents have been found to be unfit to retain custody of the child. Grandparental guardianship is strongly advised. For at least one year, the kid has been in his or her grandparents’ care.

How does a grandparent get parental responsibility?

Grandparents, if the youngster’s parents are still alive, may seek a court order for a child arrangements order or a special guardianship order. The grandparent would be given parental authority over the kid (in varying degrees) through these orders.

Can I go to court to see my grandchildren?

If you can resolve your issues and obtain a Contact Order from the court, you’ll be able to see your grandkids. … The court will always evaluate all of the youngster’s circumstances and must make an order only where it believes it is better for the kid than no order at all.

Do grandparents visitation rights?

You have no right to see your grandkids. You’ll need to submit a request under a court order if communication has broken down and we are unable to find a solution, even if you don’t know where they live.


Can a grandparent file for emergency custody?

Is it possible for a grandparent to get temporary custody of a grandchild? Grandparents may gain short-term custody of their grandchildren when the parents are unable to care for them as a result of an unforeseen event. Typically, grandchildren will move in with their grandparents in this situation.


Are grandparents immediate family?

The spouse, stepparents, parents , father-in-law, foster parents, mother-in-law, children, stepchildren, sons-in-law, foster children, daughters-in-law (including their spouses), grandparents (including their spouses), brothers , grandchildren, sisters , brothers – in -law , sisters – in -law Do not include aunts/uncles/nephews or first cousins.