Grand Jury Investigation

Nevada Grand Jury Investigation

If you or anyone you know has been called in for a Grand Jury Investigation and you reside in southern Nevada—whether you live in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City or Mesquite—you need access to the best legal representation you can get as soon as possible.

You need a Las Vegas Federal Criminal Defense Attorney.

Grand Juries are often called in order to ensure that the state has enough evidence to charge an individual or group of people with a crime. The Grand Jury can act as a check on prosecutors. Faulty prosecutions cost states and individuals a lot of time and money. Your name may also be dragged into a complex legal mess and even if you are exonerated may still carry the taint of being charged. A Grand Jury hearing may help to stop charges being brought unnecessarily.

The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) have multiple chapters dealing with how Grand Juries proceed. NRS 6.130 – .135 covers some of the rights citizens and taxpayers have to call Grand Juries: they may be summoned by a committee of registered voters, though there are time limits to this process and if you’re thinking of this legal remedy you must reach out to me as soon as possible to make sure we don’t miss the time window; any taxpayer may summon a Grand Jury; also a citizen of the state of Nevada to investigate government affairs, if deemed appropriate.

Las Vegas Grand Jury Investigation

If you’re facing criminal charges, NRS 172 will be more relevant to our case. I am an expert in helping people navigate the Grand Jury process and you should reach out to me as soon as feasible for you. One of the most important parts of the Grand Jury process is that the district attorney may not use a Grand Jury to gain new evidence for prosecution. Prosecutors must present a solid case to the Grand Jury in order to proceed with criminal charges. A skilled defense attorney like myself can possibly keep the case against you from moving forward.

The Grand Jury has multiple powers to keep prosecutors in check. Grand Juries may ask for all evidence against an individual or group; may issue subpoenas if they feel some part of evidence is in question; may enter jails and see any records required. If subpoenaed to testify before a Grand Jury, you have rights, including that of asserting your Constitutional protection against self-incrimination. You can and should ask for counsel to be present during your Grand Jury testimony, though there are strict guidelines as to how I must conduct myself. Grand Jury testimony is not the same as a regular trial. However, you will still benefit immensely from my presence. Having counsel by your side will protect your rights and perhaps save you criminal charges and a lengthy, costly trial and perhaps jail and/or prison time.

Grand Jury Investigations are serious legal matters. Do the best thing you can to protect yourself and your future. Douglas Crawford Law is an expert and will give you the guidance you need.

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