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My goal in every Nevada family law case is to obtain successful results for the client.  After all, you should not hire a lawyer to do anything less!  I get successful results because I know Las Vegas family law inside and out.  I am in family court every day fighting for the rights of clients just like you.  The judges know and respect me and I know them.  I know how to apply Nevada law to the facts of your case in a persuasive way that gets you the desired result.

I have over thirty years of experience in litigating divorce, child custody, alimony, and property and debt division. If you are contemplating divorce, call me immediately in order to prepare your case before you notify your spouse. If you have already been served with divorce or custody papers you need to contact me right away.  I can do more to help early in the case than I can later. I can help you navigate the many legal deadlines that kick in right after filing.  Timing is everything in family law cases.  I am happy to give the expert advice you need.

I know this is a trying time.  That is why you need clear professional guidance to help you make difficult and emotional decisions about child custody, child support, asset division, living arrangements, alimony, award of attorney’s fees and all the other issues involved in Las Vegas family law cases.  My level and concise advice will lead you through the turmoil that can often accompany your search for a new life.  You need emotional support and I will give it!

If you (or your spouse) are a professional or small business owner, many complex issues of business valuation will be an issue in your case.  You need an experienced Nevada attorney and a staff of experts who can make sure the division of assets is fair and equitable.  You have worked hard to build what you have.  You need a good Las Vegas lawyer to protect your rights.  That is what I do!

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