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East Las Vegas

Throughout the Las Vegas, Nevada area where Sin City all started, downtown Las Vegas offers a wealth of art and culture. though today’s sparkling example of genuine Vintage Vegas is focused around the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas originally began along Fremont Street, establishing the downtown core and now-gleaming example of genuine Vintage Vegas.

In 1911, Las Vegas’ main street was built and is still its busiest. It was also a center of gambling, enormous neon signs, and stunning casino entrances during its golden age.

Fremont Street hotels invited potential visitors to their properties to lie poolside for the best views as nuclear bomb testing was conducted just 60 miles north at the Nevada Test Site, while stars like Frank Sinatra performed historic casinos including the Four Queens and Golden Nugget.

The action moved south of Fremont in the 1980s and 1990s until a stretch of Fremont Street was shut to motor vehicles in 1996, leaving just four blocks open to traffic. The effort to preserve the building began with a 12 million light barrel vault canopy over the street, which formed Fremont Street Experience. The next area is known as Fremont East—a neighborhood where artists, microenterprises of all types, and visitors and locals from all around congregate.

The Fremont East District is a six-block entertainment precinct that stretches along Las Vegas Boulevard East from 8th Street to Ogden Street South and was founded in 2002.

While vehicle traffic is prohibited along with the Fremont Street Experience, the Fremont East District operates as a typical street and is accessible via automobile and foot. Beyond the Strip, on the outskirts of town, lies Old Town Las Vegas. Here you’ll discover a diverse range of street activities, restaurants, and local enterprises, bars, sidewalk cafés, and cocktail lounges, as well as vibrant entertainment and retail.

Evel Pie’s wings and meat-layered pizzas, handmade black bean burgers at Eat., cozy fireside craft cocktails at The Griffin — visitors to the Fremont East District will discover a diverse range of culinary experiences. The magnificent mix of old and new in the Fremont East District is also a great combination of ancient and cutting-edge, with exciting new locally owned companies mixed in.

The Container Park, in Fremont East, is the entertainment capital of the area with a dining, shopping, and live music destination composed entirely of shipping containers. Apart from that, there are hundreds of new murals, interactive art projects, and live music all around every corner.

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