We all know America has a drug problem. Living in southern Nevada, a party center of the world, drugs are prevalent across our valley. Unfortunately, many southern Nevadans get swept into the drug culture in one way or another. Drug crime defense in Las Vegas can be tricky depending on the circumstances. If you or anyone you know has stepped on the wrong side of the law with a drug bust, you need the best criminal attorney in Las Vegas to work through the legal process.

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Drug laws in Nevada have become more complicated since the legalization of marijuana at the state level. Not everything with regard to marijuana is on the right side of the law. The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) provide the legal framework for that complex maze of regulations to keep your business out of trouble.

Drug laws in Las Vegas and the state of Nevada are based on a structure known as schedules, starting with Schedule 1, or most dangerous, to Schedule 5, least dangerous. Depending upon the nature of your offense, such as the type of drug involved and the amount, penalties run from misdemeanor to felony. If you’ve been charged with possession, trafficking, or selling a controlled substance, it affects how we pursue your case. Drug crime defense in Las Vegas requires an expert, as Nevada has very strict laws on controlled substances. I’m well qualified in this minefield of complicated law and will work to get you the best deal possible.

Drug Crime Case Las Vegas

In many ways the law for dispensation of controlled substances is very straightforward: if you’re a pharmacist or have some other official certified position, you can lawfully distribute controlled substances. Any other form of dealing is illegal. This includes illegal internet pharmacies, which are more prevalent than you might suspect. Southern Nevada is no stranger to the larger opioid epidemic in the United States. There are many ways to find yourself on the wrong side of a prescription violation or illegal use of a controlled medicine. This area of law can be very complex, as well, and I have seen many cases like these. My experience will drug crimes in Las Vegas will be valuable in your defense.

There are multiple areas that may affect your case in a more or less favorable way. I can help you through common situations that may arise. The Nevada Revised Statues make specific mention of some circumstances, like distributing near a school or park, transactions involving minors, providing a controlled substance that causes someone’s death, not getting someone medical attention after ingesting narcotics, possessing blank prescription forms, among others. If you’ve been involved with methamphetamines, there are specific sections of the NRS dedicated to that drug. I know all these situations surround drug crime defense in Las Vegas too well and can help you.

We also may be able to introduce mitigating factors into your defense. Treatment and rehabilitation options exist for defendants and could take some time of any ultimate sentence. Whatever your level of involvement with a drug-related crime, you need the best representation for drug crimes that you can get. The penalties for drug crimes can be harsh. This is your life we’re talking about.

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