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Technology helps make our lives a little easier and streamlined.

Who would give up the convenience our smartphones and watches have added to our lives? Benefits include staying in touch with family, keeping track of your kids, and managing a business. But when things don’t work out between people, not-so-smart messages and photos can actually help our cause. If you’re in pending litigation of any kind, your devices can help us win our case. Document our case starting now! You need guidance on how to help make that happen.

You need a Family Law Attorney in Las Vegas.

Of the many things these devices have added to our lives, one of the most prominent is that they can actually help us strengthen a court case. Wise litigants I’ve represented have already used things like daily logs, calendars for child visitation and exchanges, and witness reports to show negligence on behalf of an ex-spouse or parent. While those methods are very helpful in managing a case, we can use your devices to get real-time evidence about what is happening in your world. Because of this, it’s essential you begin to document our case.

Consider your children, for example. Child custody agreements can be modified every three years. If your ex-spouse or partner is not adhering to the agreement, keeping records via your smartphone can be helpful in court. Eyewitness testimony corroborated by photographic evidence can help to seal the deal and get you the best settlement. Your camera phone and the camera phones of your friends and relatives can document everything from hostile exchanges with potentially abusive comments to actual physical threats.

If you document our case, we will have a photographic, video and/or audio record to support the evidence we already have. Private investigators have used these techniques for decades. Now you can do it yourself.

Las Vegas Legal Case Lawyer

It’s possible you or a family member are in an abusive situation. As difficult as it may be to obtain, photographic or video footage will have a powerful impact and help us to bring you or a family member the justice you rightly deserve.

Of course, this technology cuts both ways. If someone is trying to get you in trouble because of his/her own selfish goals, especially a situation like parental alienation, you need to corroborate your side of the story. You should document our case in this scenario, too. The law can get complex in defending you, especially if the other party has a compelling argument or evidence that appears to support their side. Any help we can get to show that you are the one being wronged will help immensely.

The landscape of technology is constantly changing. I stay on top of these issues and the legislature’s changes to the NRS. I have lots of experience and ideas to help us make the strongest case possible.

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