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Divorce Lawyer for Doctors

Divorce Lawyer for Doctors

We Are Professionals in Handling Physician Divorce Cases in Las Vegas

Divorce Lawyer for Doctors

If you are a doctor or other medical professional in southern Nevada, and you are considering Divorce or Separation, you need the best attorney to ensure that your medical practice is properly valued and you preserve your interest in the practice. The Divorce needs of medical professionals are much more complicated than the Average Divorce. As a professional myself, I understand the impact of Divorce on all business and professional practitioners. I have 36 years of experience practicing Divorce law for medical professionals. Please call me at 702-383-0090 for a free and confidential telephone consultation

Divorce Lawyer For Doctor Las Vegas
Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer For Doctor

 Valuation Of Your Medical Practice

Proper valuation of your practice makes the difference between a successful or unsuccessful outcome in a doctor’s Divorce. There are several methodologies for valuing medical practices. At Douglas Crawford Law, we have a team of experts to properly value your practice either for purposes of settlement or if necessary to proceed to litigation. Further, many physicians often have multiple real estates interests like a second home or business. These also must be valued to prepare for settlement or trial. The division of community assets and separate assets is generally set forth by the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS 123.220). However, your spouse may or may not have acquired an interest in your shared business assets. It is critical that you hire an attorney who is experienced in these matters. The difference between a good lawyer and a not so good lawyer can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Spousal Support Or Alimony

It is critical to determine when your professional practice started. The characterization as separate or community property may be determined on whether you started the practice before marriage or after. It is also very important to establish your spouse’s work history during the marriage. This will affect alimony dramatically. These factors are especially important in Nevada because our legislature has not seen fit to establish statutory guidelines for the award of alimony, as in NRS 125.180. Alimony in the state of Nevada is based on four or five sometimes vague guidelines set forth by The Supreme Court of the State of Nevada. Knowledge of this case law is absolutely critical to a successful result on the issue of alimony. If your spouse chose to stay home to raise children, he or she will ask for support allowing a similar standard of living as they had during the marriage.
Further, determining the income of a physician can be problematic. As you know, most physicians derive income from their private practice, but may also be on staff at a hospital. These rules are complex and can result in widely divergent awards or non-awards of alimony. At Douglas Crawford Law, we work hard to minimize your exposure to payment of alimony, or to optimize your receipt of alimony if you are the receiving spouse.

Doctor Divorce Cases Las Vegas

Child Custody And Support

Child custody is often the most contentious issue in a divorce case. This is made even more difficult by the long and sporadic hours you work as a physician. The controlling standard in child custody cases is called “best interests of the child,” NRS 125C. 0035. I have a reputation in Nevada as one of the best child custody and child support attorneys in the state. I can negotiate and/or litigate a child custody agreement that is in the best interests of your children. You deserve as much time with your children as possible. As physicians, you like many other professionals want to make the education and future potential of your children a high priority, and we can give your children the best opportunities through a custody agreement that looks out for your and their interests.
Many family court lawyer in Las Vegas practitioners are not very experienced in the valuation and division of medical practices. I have the experience to get you a good result at a reasonable price. Please call me as soon as possible.

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Divorce Attorney Las Vegas

Do doctors get divorced often?

With the likelihood of divorce at 25 percent among dentists, 31 percent among health care executives, and 33% among nurses, more dentists, health care executives, and nurses than physicians ever got divorced.

Why do so many doctors get divorced?

This describes the emotional challenges that physicians may face in their professional lives, especially those in surgical and psychiatric specialties; Having a spouse before graduation from medical school; Being a female physician; Having less emotionally close ties to one’s parents.


What is the divorce rate for doctors?

Among doctors, 22.1% (95% certainty interim 21.8% to 22.5%) had ever been separated by the time of study, compared with 22.9% among dental practitioners, 21.5% among drug specialists, 37.0% among medical attendants, 31.3% among healthcare administrators, 27.7% among legal counselors, and 36.6% among other occupations.

What kind of woman do doctors marry?

Registered nurses, salespeople and retail sales people, as well as physicians and surgeons, are the most common occupations for nurse anesthetists.

Are most surgeons divorced?

The disconnection rate for professionals was 51 percent, whereas it was 33 percent for stars, 22 percent for pediatricians , 24 percent for internists and pathologists, and 31 percent for other specialties after more than 30 years of follow-up. Female doctors had a higher proportion (37%) of their patients reconnected with them than did their male counterparts (28%).

Why do surgeons have affairs?

Many people in this situation require some much-needed TLC, and an affair is a chance for them to get it. 2nd: Because They Are Separated From Their Partners – Many medical professionals are unable to spend quality time with their partners due to the fact that they work difficult shifts.

What age do most doctors get married?

According to a Medical Group Management Association study, married or living as if married at the age of 34–36 years was common among female doctors (83 percent), compared with 71% of women in the general population; and 89% of male doctors were living with a spouse or partner, versus 68% in the general population.

What is the number one cause of divorce?

The most common reasons for divorce are said to include a lack of compromise, conflict, irreparable break up in the relationship, a lack of commitment, infidelity, and a scarcity of physical contact. The least frequent factors are a lack of shared interests and disparity in interests between couples.

What profession do doctors marry?

Male physicians and surgeons are more likely to marry other males, whereas female doctors and surgeons are more inclined to join with males. Male physicians and surgeons are the most frequent combinations of female experts. Female attorneys and judges are most likely to wed male lawyers and judges.


What year of marriage is most common for divorce?

Although there are numerous divorce studies with conflicting findings, the data suggest that two times during a marriage are when couples most frequently divorce: years 1 – 2 and years 5 – 8. Of those two high-risk periods, there are two years in which divorce is most frequent — years 7 and 8.