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Child Support Actions Between Two Different States

One of the most difficult situations in life comes when parents of a child or children separate. Whatever led to the breaking of the relationship, if you are the parent with custody you must ensure that you get proper compensation for the support of your children. Enforcing child support orders can be difficult between two different states or even if your former spouse or partner lives in Nevada. But if you or your partner moves to another jurisdiction, your situation can grow even more complex, especially if support payments fall behind. I am a Las Vegas Family Lawyer. I can help make sure your child keeps getting the assistance he or she needs.

If a support-enforcement agency receives a request from an agency of the same type in another state, they are compelled to assist. Certain forms and information will change hands, electronically or otherwise, and the process begins. Information supplied will be how late payments are, how much has built up over time, where the indebted person may now reside. Whoever owes the obligation will then have a bond put up in order to ensure their appearance in court. If a jurisdiction believes the Obligor might flee, means can be taken to ensure that doesn’t happen. This also holds if the person moves to a foreign country. If it becomes necessary we can withhold income through their employer. You have rights under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act and I can help you.

If you are a parent and the other parent has moved jurisdictions, we not only have to make sure you get the support you need, but we watch for other issues that can arise. Your child may be entitled to inheritance or have rights to other sources of income from the absent parent. I can help you get what you rightly deserve.

Child Support in Las Vegas

A support order, whether temporary, final, or subject to modification, has legal weight. You are due: monetary support, health care, repayments, retroactive child support, fees, interest, adjustment based on life or economic circumstances, and reasonable attorney’s fees. If you are the one obligated to pay, you have rights, as well. Regardless of your circumstances, I can help you.

While it is difficult to imagine someone not wanting to provide the best for his or her child, that situation does arise. Reaching across jurisdictions to make sure all the child’s present and future needs are cared for can become a complex and time-consuming enterprise. The Nevada Revised Statutes, NRS 130, get into intricate details with the way we can pursue actions across different states and countries.

Whether you are the parent who owes support or the parent with custody of the child, you need to take this responsibility seriously. Under the terms of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, you may be liable not only for past due payments and penalties but criminal charges and extradition.

Ultimately, we have to concern ourselves with getting everything the child needs. That’s where my expertise in this matter will help you best. I will make sure you get what you legally deserve, no matter how far we have to go to get it. Call me now at 702-383-0090 for a free phone consultation.

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