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You Need a Lawyer if CPS is involved

If you or any acquaintance of yours in southern Nevada—Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or Mesquite—find yourself involved in a family law case where you need help with Child Protective Services (CPS) in Nevada, you need to reach out for the best legal assistance immediately.

You need an experienced Nevada family law attorney. Douglas Crawford Law can help you!

Child Protective Services in Nevada

The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) have an entire chapter devoted to the duties of the Division of Child and Family Services.  NRS 432B is a long and complex chapter, covering the many reasons you might need to contact CPS. The NRS states that having strong, stable, and safe families is a priority for the state of Nevada, especially where children are regarded. I can and will help you to navigate the complexities of Nevada law and get you the best resolution for you and your family.

Child Protective Services in Nevada

When CPS becomes involved in your life, the process can seem long but I assure you it is worth it. Specific guidelines exist on what the state of Nevada reasonably expects of parents. Some of the items in the NRS might surprise you. If you feel your partner or co-parent is not living up to his or her responsibilities, you should set up a consultation with me. I can walk you through your concerns and advise you on possible CPS and/or legal remedies.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and your children have been witnesses or if your children are also in abusive situations, I can help you get to a safe space. The Division of Child and Family Services has a 24-hour call center—in Clark County that number is: 702-399-0081. The cities of Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City all have protective services for families in crisis situations. Clark County and the state of Nevada also offer assistance. We can get you help, a roof over your head, and involve CPS as we move into other charges and safeguards for your family, depending upon your situation.

Child Protective Services in Las Vegas.

In our social media world, Internet posts and shared photographs can be an aid to our case if abuse or neglect is involved. You can also use that amazing tool every one of us has in our pockets, your cell phone, to create documentation for a successful prosecution, not only for a court if we have to move in that direction but also for the police or Child Protective Services officials in Nevada.

Conversely, if you have been wrongly accused by a vengeful partner or ex-spouse of abuse and/or neglect and are innocent, I can help you defend yourself and clear your name. And just as much as social media can help in many cases, internet posts and digital photographs can often come back to haunt you, not only in your personal life but also in a court of law. Even if you have done nothing wrong, a person out to get you can use shared photographs in a manipulative way to make it appear you have done something illegal or harmful to your child. Creating a strong defense can sometimes be challenging enough without giving aid to the person trying to take your child away from you.

Nevada’s children need the strongest protections to allow them to grow up in healthy situations and families. You need an attorney strong enough to help you make that happen for the most precious beings in your life.

Hire me. I can be reached at (702) 383-0090.

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What happens when you call CPS in Nevada?

The CPS professional examines the family dynamics and assesses the home’s strengths and dangers. To ensure that the kids are safe in their house, the CPS worker and the family will come up with a plan to address any issues discovered during the safety check.


What does CPS look for in Nevada?

Nevada’s Child Protective Services Act (NRS Chapter 432B) mandates that the agency investigate allegations of child abuse or neglect. … CPS is obligated by Nevada law to conduct an investigation in instances of suspected child abuse or neglect (NRS, Chapter 432B). The role of the CPS worker is to assess family dynamics and identify strengths and difficulties in the home.

What is considered child neglect in Nevada?

1.4 Neglect. In Nevada, child neglect occurs when a person who is supposed to care for a kid abandons him or her or leaves the youngster without adequate supervision, food, shelter, medicine, or other required attention.

Is spanking legal in Nevada?

Nevada’s law allows parents to spank their children as long as the punishment does not result in bodily harm. Spanking is an acceptable form of discipline for bad behavior. Child abuse refers to a parent causing serious bodily injury to a youngster. … Child maltreatment is defined by the infliction of severe physical or mental anguish on a kid.


What is meant by the child protection system CPS )?

Child protective services (CPS) is a government organization that investigates allegations of child maltreatment, determines whether child abuse or neglect has occurred, and intervenes to ensure a safe environment for the kid.

Is verbal abuse a crime in Nevada?

In Nevada, verbal and emotional abuse can both be considered acts of domestic violence, which is defined as the use of power, coercion, or force to dominate another individual.


What county is Las Vegas Nevada located in?

The Las Vegas Strip, which runs for about 6 miles along the Nevada border, is the heart of Las Vegas. The world-famous Las Vegas Strip incorporates such universally known attractions as moving wellsprings, a copy Eiffel Tower, an emitting spring of gushing lava, and a few of the world’s biggest and most fabulous inns.


What is the role of a child protection social worker?

The primary concern in their line of work is the protection of children. … Social work aimed at promoting the safety and security of children, regardless of where they reside, is known as child protection social work.


How do I become a child social worker?

Total a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work from a CSWE-accredited college or college. Pick up encounter through a child welfare-related internship or field arrangement. Pass the suitable permitting exams and apply for state licensure. Total proceeding instruction necessities to hold licensure.

Can you call police for verbal abuse?

In case the verbal misuse is of a criminal nature, you’d like to report it to the police instantly, and you must moreover let them know in case you’re concerned nearly your security. … In events where a verbal exchange leads to terrorizing, bullying or are undermining, it can be considered verbal misuse.