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Child Pornography in Las Vegas

Due to the explosion of the internet and other means of distributing media, child pornography is on the rise worldwide. It is a serious crime and carries with it strong penalties. That is why you need the best lawyer you can get to defend your rights! The Nevada Revised Statutes provide detailed definitions of what child pornography is and the penalties associated with it:

NRS 200.700

Child pornography charges fall under four primary categories: performance, promotion, sexual conduct, and/or sexual portrayal.

Unlawful use of a minor in producing pornography: anyone knowingly using, encouraging, enticing, or permitting a minor to simulate or engage in or assist others in sexual conduct to produce a performance is guilty of a category A felony. Anyone knowingly using, encouraging, enticing, coercing, or permitting a minor to be the subject of a sexual portrayal in a performance is guilty of a category A felony, regardless of whether the minor was aware that the portrayal was part of a performance.

A person who knowingly promotes a performance of a minor where the minor engages in or simulates or assists others to engage in or simulate sexual conduct or where the minor is the subject of a sexual portrayal is also guilty of a category A felony.

Anyone knowingly preparing, advertising or distributing any item or material that depicts a minor engaging in, simulating, or assisting others to engage in or simulate sexual conduct is guilty of a category B felony.

As mentioned above, the Internet has become a wide open space for this kind of media. It is still a criminal activity. Anyone knowingly, willfully, and with specific intent to view any film, photograph or other visual presentation depicting a person under the age of 16 years engaging in or simulating sexual conduct using the Internet is guilty of a category C felony for the first offense. Any future offense will be punished as a category B felony with potential enhanced penalties including fines.

Child Trafficking in Las Vegas

Possession of a visual presentation depicting sexual conduct of a minor less than 16 years of age, depicting them as the subject of a sexual portrayal or engaging in, or simulating, assisting others to engage in or simulate sexual conduct will lead to a category B felony for the first offense. A second offense will lead to a category A conviction and potential life imprisonment with the possibility of parole.

Beyond our Internet age, texting of intimate images—sometimes called “sexting”—a between minors has become a complex legal issue. In order to ensure that young people are not affected by poor decisions that may be part of their nature and growth as young adults, you may want to seek out the best legal advice. A young man forced to register as a sex offender at a young age because of a poorly-considered text message will carry the weight of that indiscretion with him for the rest of his life. You need top of the line legal representation. Contact our criminal defense attorneys in Las Vegas.

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What Is Child Pornography?

By and large, child explicit entertainment, is characterized as any portrayal of a minor who is unclothed or locked in in sexual related conduct. This incorporates photos, drawings, recordings, and computer-generated substance. Be that as it may, on the off chance that the delineation has genuine scholarly, political , creative, or logical esteem, it isn’t considered explicit entertainment.

What if I accidently click a link?

Law authorization offices are not looking to indict people who inadvertently conclusion up on the off-base location. You ought to not be as well stressed almost erroneously getting to an unlawful location since you did not have aim to commit a wrongdoing. Beneath Nevada law, you must intentionally or intentioned have, or intentionally or intentioned get to with the aim to see, child erotica to be found blameworthy.

What if I thought they were adults?

Beneath Nevada child erotica law, you must know that the fabric portrays a child or juvenile more youthful than 18 a long time of age. In the event that you thought the members within the obscene material were grown-ups, at that point you wish to tell this to your defense lawyer.

What if the material belonged to someone else?

On the off chance that you’re charged with a child erotica wrongdoing in Nevada and the materials had a place to another person, speak together with your lawyer approximately how this misconception emerged. This can be a potential defense, however it may be troublesome to set up.

Can sexting be child porn?

Yes, sexting can lead to child obscenity charges in case it portrays a minor locked in in sexual conduct. On the off chance that minors take photographs or recordings of themselves within the bare or taking an interest sexual action and send them to anyone else, they may well be charged with a wrongdoing.

How did police get a warrant for my computer?

To get a substantial look warrant for your computer or other hardware, the police must go some time recently a judge and give likely cause that you just have been included with a wrongdoing. Plausible cause is made up of realities that back the probability simply were included in a wrongdoing in a few way.

What is child abuse material?

The Child Misuse Web Unit together with other Law Requirement Organizations and associations managing with the assurance of children both inside Australia and abroad don’t by and large allude to this sort of fabric as child erotica. They allude to this fabric as child sexual misuse material.

What is 'online procuring and grooming'?

Online Securing is where an grown-up contacts a child online (ordinarily through the Web or portable phone) and by the words and activities amid this contact empower, allure, enroll or actuate the child to lock in in sexual movement.


How does 'online procuring and grooming' work?

The online contact ordinarily happens in on line chat rooms and/ or social organizing destinations. Grown-ups with an built up sexual intrigued in children will regularly go to chat rooms that are known to be well known with children. They will for the most part endeavor to keep up to date with all the most recent designs in dress, music and wear so they can either pass themselves off as another child or as an grown-up who is in tune with children’s interests.

What should I do if I accidentally download child pornography or receive unsolicited child pornography via email?

The law requires you to annihilate any child obscenity in your ownership or to contact law requirement authorities. In the event that you are doing not, you’ll be able be arraigned for having or getting child obscenity.