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Child Custody Modification

Child Custody Modification in Las Vegas

The only true constant in life is change. That’s not just a cliché, it’s how the world works. And if you have children and you have a custody agreement, your life changes just as every day your children grow and change themselves. You need an attorney who can help you adapt as life does.

You need a Las Vegas Family Attorney. Douglas Crawford Law. can help you!

The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 125 C address Nevada’s commitment to ensure as much as possible that your children maintain relationships with both parents. The NRS states unequivocally that Nevada wants what is in the best interests of child. It’s important to know that custody agreements can be modified over time to adapt to changes in your, your child’s, and your former partner’s lives. I know this area of law extremely well and have helped with many modifications over the years. I am the expert you need.

Modifications could become necessary for many reasons. Your economic status or the status of your ex-spouse could have changed, for better with a raise or promotion or worse form a layoff or firing, and thus compensation will have to change to reflect that new status.

It’s possible for a variety of reasons that a grandparent or other family member or third party may have briefly taken custody of your child. When your ability to reenter your child’s life returns, the agreement will have to be modified.

Child Custody Modification Las Vegas

In our dangerous world, our servicemen and –women are often called away for a tour of duty in a foreign country. There may be a need for a temporary change in custody until a soldier’s return. Military deployments should not be any more stressful than they already are. I can help.

Your former spouse may remarry. That major change in circumstance could require a major overhaul of your custodial agreement. A former partner marrying again is very common. I know that area of law extremely well and can get you the strongest agreement for you and your children.

Sometimes the simplest things can trigger a need to make an alteration in your agreement, like if you or your former spouse plan to take your children on a vacation outside of the United States. Often issues like this are easily resolved. You or your spouse may also leave Nevada for a move within the USA or to a foreign country for a new job. Such an event will bring a major alteration to your agreement.

Many times there are circumstances unique to your situation. I am hard to surprise but every once in a while someone does. That could be you.

The NRS covers all these possibilities and more that you may not have considered. You need a lawyer who will guide you through them so through the changes of life and love you hold on to the strongest relationship with your children we can get you. I have more than 30 years of experience in Child Custody Modification in Las Vegas. I can help.

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