If you live anywhere in southern Nevada—Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Mesquite—and you or a family member need help with child custody and visitation rights, you need to reach out for legal help as soon as possible.

        You need Douglas Crawford Law.

        A child should be a highest priority in life. The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 125 deals explicitly with issues of children and family law. I am an expert in child custody and visitation issues with over three decades’ worth of experience in this challenging legal area.

        The NRS states Nevada’s intention to keep children in contact with both parents if possible, creating a situation in the best interests of the child. Hopefully your divorce or separation has been relatively easy and you and your former partner get along. If so, establishing child custody and visitation typically goes smoothly. Joint custody works out best, where both parents share time with the child. Studies show co-parenting on a set schedule is the healthiest option over your child’s life. With luck, any necessary maintenance, health care, educational and financial support get worked out fairly. I can help all this happen quickly.

        One issue vitally important to many parents in child custody and visitation cases is the right of first refusal. This simply means your former partner must contact you first if they need help before calling a babysitter or taking them to a provider. Even the best co-parents sometimes misunderstand this rule. I can help clarify issues like this right.

        If your partner is not working with you in good faith, your case can get more complicated. I can help. If a court has not yet been involved in your child custody and visitation fight, we will file on your behalf and engage a judge. There are many reasons a court might rule in your favor as primary custodian of your child, like your former partner cannot provide for the child’s well-being, to more serious charges like domestic violence and/or abuse. If necessary, we will move swiftly to protect you and your family. We can build a case from multiple sources to give you the space and protection you need. We can also arrange counseling for your child or children.

        It is possible the court may find that neither biological parent can support the child. If you are a blood relation in this situation I can help you, as well.

        Once custody has been determined, visitation rights proceed fairly swiftly, unless there are complicating factors. A child custody and visitation agreement needs to be done properly, as life can and will change. We can revisit your agreement every three years if need be. Often parents change jobs, sometimes moving out of state or the country. The needs of your agreement will change over time as your child ages. If your former partner has done time in a correctional facility, it may be necessary to revisit the child custody and visitation agreement after the required term has been served. If you are the custodial parent and you have the opportunity for a career improvement in another state or country, the agreement will also have to be amended accordingly.

        If your former partner physically takes the child into another jurisdiction without permission, that is a serious crime. I will fight for you and your child. Learn more about our Family Law Practice.

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