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I hear a lot of questions from potential clients. One that comes up often is, “If I’m hurt in a car accident do I need an attorney, or can I handle it myself?” The short answer is, yes, absolutely! You should definitely hire a car accident attorney in Las Vegas. And if you want the best top notch representation, then you should hire Douglas Crawford Law.

Hiring a car accident attorney in Las Vegas is the best option for your accident case. Most obviously, this is because auto insurance companies are businesses. They operate for profit. Whichever side of the accident you’re on, whether it’s your fault or you’re the victim, the insurance company will try to limit the amount of damages they pay. We all want to trust that insurance companies will cover medical bills, vehicle repairs, time lost to work, and other issues, but trust me, they want to minimize their costs. They are professionals in this area, and you need a car accident lawyer to represent you. 

The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) have an entire section, 484E, dedicated to accidents. This is a complex map of state regulations to navigate, and hiring a car accident attorney in Las Vegas will help you steer through these regulations. If you caused the accident, you have many responsibilities in a crash situation. Attorneys like myself know these laws and previous case histories well. We are experts and will protect your rights as the case proceeds. If you were the victim in the accident, we will make sure you receive proper compensation for any injuries you received and damage to your vehicle.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

In almost every case, hiring a car accident attorney in Las Vegas will help you get more money than if you represent yourself. We may or may not need to file a lawsuit depending upon the nature of your case. You need an expert to make that determination with you. There are also statutes of limitations for lawsuits. If you try to handle a case by yourself you might miss your window of opportunity, which could have impacts all across your life. If you’ve been injured, even if the injury doesn’t seem bad in the moment, not taking action as soon as possible could have negative consequences in the future. We also need to be prompt with evidence and other information from the accident. If we wait too long, some of that evidence may go away and also be inadmissible in a court of law. This is why it’s essential to retain a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Nevada law allows accident victims to recover lost income from work. I can help you with that aspect of your case, too. It’s important to make sure that the accident does not damage you financially, especially if you have a family. At the same time, if you caused the accident we want to make sure someone is not fraudulently claiming injuries to get a higher settlement. I’m an expert with these cases. I’ve seen almost every trick in the book. If you try to represent yourself against someone faking an injury you might put yourself in a situation you’ll find hard to fix, and by the time you get to me you may be in a worse situation than if you’d hired a car accident attorney in Las Vegas in the beginning.

You need someone who will fight for you from the moment the accident happens, whichever side you’re on. Whether you’re the victim or the offender, whether the crash is fairly small or serious, don’t waste time.

Hire me.

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