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Child Custody in Las Vegas

The Nevada Revised Statutes offer guidelines as to how a third party could take custody of a child:

NRS 152C.004 Award of custody to person other than parent.

In order for the court to make an order awarding custody of a child to someone other than his or her natural parent, it needs to be proven that this award is in the best interests of the child. The court must obtain proof that keeping the children in the custody of its natural parents would be detrimental to his or her mental and physical condition. This judgment can also be meted out without the consent of the natural parents.

Custody of a Child

In the final document, no allegations will appear that the children staying in the custody of the natural parent would not benefit by that situation. There will be a simple statement of fact. The court may also exclude the public from any hearings on this issue, to be determined on an individual basis in most cases.
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