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Arts District

The misconception that Las Vegas, NV has little of its own art and culture is widespread. The Downtown Arts District, for example, has tried to dispel the notion that the city lacks in arts and culture.

The 18th Street Arts District is located adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center, just south of Spring Mountain Road. The district was informally known as 18bowing to its formerly encompassing 18 blocks in downtown Las Vegas.

While numerous art workplaces are open every day, the area really takes off on First Friday, a monthly street event with artists, musicians, and food vendors. During the rest of the month, 18b is active in the evenings as artists, bar hoppers, and even tourists explore the neighborhood for trendy restaurants, local theater, and music.

The Arts District was founded as a not-for-profit organization in Nevada’s Southern Highlands in 1998 to promote arts, business, and residential growth. This sparked the conversion of warehouses and lofts into galleries and studios throughout the city.

The core of the district is formed by Charleston Boulevard and Main Street, which is approximately a mile south of Fremont Street. Three high-rise apartment buildings in 18b stand out among the modest skyline of the neighborhood.

The Arts District is a neighborhood that has long been home to several old enterprises and factories. The historic Holsum Bread bakery, for example, is located in the district’s center. This structure now houses apartments, studios, and a restaurant. Casinos and large hotels are not available here. The Arts District is dedicated to preserving local Las Vegas culture.

The arts district, of course, is the ideal location in Nevada to admire the work of local artists. The Arts Factory is a well-known gallery on Charleston Boulevard. Before being converted into studios for a variety of artists, the building was formerly a warehouse.

The Arts Factory, which is located in the historic arts and crafts building at 706 Main Street, has 20 commercial art-related tenants, including a roller derby skate shop, yoga studio, hair salon, and many more galleries. A main shared gallery, as well as a performance area for music concerts readings of poetry and theatrical performances, are also available.

The Arts Factory and its Art Square neighbor, which are both located adjacent to the Arts Factory, offer more art galleries. The building originally erected in the 1950s as part of a group of three was converted into an arts complex. Art Square is a vibrant business destination known for its creative, retail, and professional tenants, including the renowned Art Square Theater. This local theater company has performed intimate/independent shows at Art Square on a regular basis.

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