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What good is it to hire a Las Vegas, Nevada lawyer if you can never get ahold of them?  The number one complaint by clients who hire us to replace their previous Nevada counsel is “He (or she) never returned my phone calls!”  Failure to communicate with your client is just plain wrong.  If you retain me for your Las Vegas Criminal, DUI, Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody or Personal Injury case, I guarantee you will be informed of any and all important developments in your Las Vegas case.  Whether by email or phone call, your communications merit a quick response.  That is what I do.  When you retain me you get big firm competence with small firm Las Vegas service. You deserve quick responses to your inquiries and all around good service.  You will find me and my Las Vegas staff to be courteous, knowledgeable and responsive to any case, whether it be a Las Vegas DUI case to a Nevada Divorce case. 

You want a Las Vegas lawyer that is good in both Family court, Civil Court, or Criminal Court  I have an excellent reputation in Las Vegas, Nevada as an “alley fighter” litigator that aggressively fights for you in front of the Nevada judges.  Las Vegas Lawyers who are not frequently in court, or who are afraid to go to trial in Las Vegas, simply cannot get you the justice you deserve.  I talk the talk and I walk the walk.  I back up my words with action in Las Vegas.  I get results!

If you want an experienced Las Vegas, Nevada litigator on your side call me now at (702) 383-0090

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Sex Crimes Lawyer Las Vegas

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I contacted Mr. Crawford in August of 2015 in regards to child support and visitation. The case then turned into a custody case where I was seeking primary physical custody. Against all odds Doug and his team worked tirelessly on my case with my son’s best interest in mind. The case had alot of ups and downs throughout the 19 month process, but Doug and his team (Debbie) were always very honest and comforting, not once did Doug ever sugar coat things for me. We received the order one week ago that we had, in fact won the case. I live across the country so I was never able to see the progress in person, but kept in contact by phone and through emails as well as a couple of hearings that I flew to Vegas for. When I arrived at Doug’s office on the morning of the trial it was amazing how well organized every single document and peice of evidence was. It made my wife and I feel very confident. Doug’s performance at the trial was remarkable. He was prepared, knowledgeable, and most of all he was very passionate. I knew that he had my son’s best interest at heart. His assistant Debbie is another huge reason my son has a better future ahead of him. No matter what mood I was in or how stressed out I was, she always seemed to keep me on track. Although I called the office many many many times she always had a welcoming voice and always took the time to talk. There is no way my wife and I could ever repay Doug and Debbie for what they did for my son. Doug is an amazing lawyer and his team is just as strong. I will recommend him to anyone! Please do yourself a favor, stop searching Google for a lawyer, and call Doug ASAP!!!!


Miles Burdette

Hired Mr. Crawford to handle my high conflct divorce. He has brought alot of peace to my life during a very difficult time. He knows the law and cares about me as his client. He and the staff he works with have been nothing but polite and professional. A true God send! Im very thankful to have him on my team!



I initially consulted with/hired Mr. Crawford after he came highly recommended by two (2) other attorneys. One of them specifically said, “If I had to go through a divorce problem, no disrespect to my firm, but I would go to him first.” That gave me some big confidence already. My meeting with him came on extremely short notice, as I had a hearing the very next day. We spoke of the meat and potatoes of the case, and we got things ironed out. Mr. Crawford has been fantastic throughout this ongoing debacle. Has been in constant contact from the moment we put the foot on the gas pedal. He and his team have been an amazing help, very knowledgeable, and up-front about everything in this process. I do not like conflict. Mr. Crawford is the fighter I needed. I very highly recommend that anyone in need of an aggressive, brilliant attorney to give Douglas Crawford a call.



Doug Crawford is the best attorney in Las Vegas. He took my case with very short notice. He took the time to get to know me and offered sound legal advice and direction. Doug is caring and an excellent litigator. I highly recommend him!


Wow! Going through a divorce is never easy: as a process itself or as a psychological challenge. Now, I know how important is to have representation and also to have the BEST representation. I was recommended Mr. Douglas Crawford law firm and I highly recommend it to you too.

Since I started collaborationg with Douglas Crawford, I was given highly professional advices that were tailored to my case. Everyone from the team took their time to learn my case. That has proven sooo important when we went to trial. And OMG 2 days in court in a divorce trial (?!) I can’t believe it! and I received 100% input every minute from everyone. Mr. Douglas Crawford is not only sharp and attentive to detail but passionate to produce the best results for the client. Moreover, he has common sense and knows to back off at the right time. Great strategist!

The trial itself was very overwhelming and Mr. Crawford was dedicated and calculated for the whole 2 days; I received the same great service from minute 1 to the last minute.
Additional, Ms Amy Porray and Mr Gary Segal were excellent team players. They collaborated perfectly and produced a seamless documentation and evidence log. To my surprise, I found order in the chaos from my head.

I read more reviews than I write, but I am also a believer that what’s good it must be shared. Mr. Crawford Law firm will do their best for you to be happy with the outcome.

Lola Camil

I hired Mr. Douglas Crawford from the McKellar Law Office to handle my high conflict divorce. I hired him by phone from the great state of Texas after I needed to leave my home in Las Vegas. I will tell you that he and the McKellar staff have been doing an exceptional job for me. I have always been treated with such kindness and professionalism.  This has been a very difficult time in my life it is wonderful to know that someone is looking out for you. I will not be shy in the slightest to tell you that The McKellar Law Office  and Mr. Douglas Crawford have been sent to me from the Lord above.

Leah C.


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